Chicago Judge Overrules New Trial for Chicago Police Torture Victim

Gerald Reed’s mother speaks to the press after the verdict

Chicago Judge Thomas Hennelly has today overturned a previous ruling by now-retired Judge Gainor to vacate the conviction of Gerald Reed, who has already served 30 years in prison for a crime he did not commit. Gerald Reed was brutally tortured by Chicago Police during the investigation, breaking a metal rod in his leg, and leaving him in a wheelchair to this day. While corporate media outlets will say this is his “claim,” it is a claim backed up by the Illinois State Torture Inquiry Relief Commission which unanimously found evidence of torture. Judge Hennelly, taking over for Gainor after his retirement, ruled that this brutal torture did not require another trial, and sent Gerald Reed back to serve the remainder of his fraudulent sentence.

It is a case of gross corruption and systemic injustice within the city of Chicago. Bob Milan, the special prosecutor for the state in this request for a retrial, spent most of his career in the State’s Attorney’s office during the Daley administration, which was subsequently ruled complicit in the systematic cover-up of Chicago Police torture. Judge Hennelly, who ruled against Reed, worked under Bob Milan in that office, and is currently the Precinct Captain for the Riverside Republican Party.

Black Lives Matter Chicago, in a statement on twitter, condemned the ruling, concluding that “The era of Jon Burge, CPD torture, and coverups are far from over. See you in the streets. Fists up. This is a protracted struggle. We in this for the long haul.”

National and local media outlets will no doubt continue to cover the Jussie Smollett case, which occured on the same day in the same building, while ignoring the simple fact that the Chicago Police have and will continue to torture and murder people of color and serve as an occupying military force in the city.

To follow this developing story and movement, and learn of demonstrations and mobilizations against this racist barbarism, follow BLM Chicago on twitter.

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