American Party of Labor Statement on the Baltimore Resistance


The American Party of Labor recognizes that the youth-led resistance in Baltimore is an expression of the righteous anger and frustration of the people against state terrorism and police brutality. 10,000 people from across the country marched in the streets seeking justice for the murder of Freddie Gray. The police brutally beat and ultimately murdered the unarmed Gray while in their custody, severing his spine in three places and injuring his voice box. The state and the media continue to show more care for private property than for the life of Freddie Gray and countless others murdered by cops, glossing over the legitimate complaints of the protesters against racism and injustice. Instead they proclaim the protests as nothing more than senseless chaos, looting and violence, ignoring the thousands protesting in favor of focusing on the arrest of dozens. The protests in Baltimore are driven by anger against the systemic police brutality and killings, mostly of black people, and the fact that these state-sponsored murderers are allowed to kill with impunity.

The APL:

– Condemns the brutal murder of Freddie Gray by police

– Condemns the police terror against the African-American people of Baltimore

– Condemns the National Guard attack on the righteous uprising of the people

– Demands that Governor Larry Hogan immediately demobilize the National Guard and end the State of Emergency

– Demands a fair investigation of the murder of Freddie Gray and police crimes against the African-American community of Baltimore with full civilian oversight in order to bring those responsible to justice

– Demands that police and the armed forces of the state cease their attempts to incite violence against the people of Baltimore

– Stands in solidarity with the people and the protesters of Baltimore in their rebellion against systemic racism, police brutality and murder

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