Joint Statement on the Declaration of a State of Emergency in Ferguson, Missouri


We, the undersigned demand, an end to the state of emergency declared today in Ferguson MO, an end to the killings and legal lynchings of Black people in the United States, and the resignation of MO Gov. Nixon as he has demonstrated a complete inability to respond to the just demands of the people of Ferguson except with oppressive force. The people of Ferguson must be heard. The death of Michael Brown must be addressed in a way that discourages further killings, recognizes the humanity and dignity of this unarmed youth gunned down by an officer within 90 seconds of their meeting, and the demands for justice that the people of Ferguson are putting forward.

The people of Ferguson are being subjected to martial law-like conditions today as Governor Jay Nixon declared a state of emergency and mobilized the National Guard in anticipation of unrest when the grand jury considering charges against Darren Wilson in the killing of Michael Brown releases its findings.

There is no action to address the issue that is causing the unrest: the systemic racism of the US judicial and privatized penal systems which have largely conspired in the mass incarceration and relentless killing of Black youth first, but also older Black people and Black people with mental disabilities. The militarization of the Ferguson area acts to heighten the oppression of Black people in the area, and to send a signal that the Black population is presumed to be violent and destructive, invoking the same racist stereotypes that are used to justify the legal lynchings and extra-legal killings of Black people in the first place. This creates the conditions for confrontation and more killings by the police rather than helping to ease tensions and unite this divided city in seeking justice and an end to racist oppression.

American Party of Labor
Communist Party of Indiana, CPUSA
Party of Communists, USA

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