PFLP condemns US-supported aggression on Yemen


The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine condemns the US-backed aggression on Yemen, in a statement released March 29, expressing concern about the implications of these developments and their inherent risks at all levels.

The PFLP emphasizes:
1. its condemnation of the US-backed aggression on Yemen, rejecting any interference in its internal affairs.
2. the adoption of dialogue as a means to resolve internal issues and for a path of democratic and peaceful change determined by the Yemeni people.
3. that it is the duty of the Arab nation and the Arab League to instead assist Yemen to resolve the crisis in order to achieve the aspirations of the Yemeni people for democratic governance, protect the freedoms of all, and protect them from sectarian or tribal conflict.

Speaking in Ramallah at a mass rally commemorating Martyr’s Day, Comrade Khalida Jarrar said that the Front salutes the Arab people of Yemen, calling for their steadfastness and victory against this criminal US-backed war in the Gulf. “The people in the end will prevail, and Yemen will defeat the invaders,” she said.


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