New York May Day 2022: Proletariat took the lead

New York / The Red Phoenix

The most crowded May Day of recent years took place in New York City, USA. The May Day rally, led by coalitions of migrant workers, construction workers of Local 79 and Amazon workers, who managed to get a union in this company for the first time, continued with speeches on Foley Square. The demand for an end to discrimination against immigrants and the removal of barriers to unionization comes to the fore on New York May Day.

American Party of Labor (APL) and its allies joined May Day Festival in Bushwick, Brooklyn. APL members introduced Marxist-Leninist literature together with the Red Star Publishers to the attendees of the festival.

The festival was organized by May Day Space, which is a community-based platform to provide social justice groups a space. Another borough festival was held in Sunset Park by progressive, socialist and Latin American community-based groups. Cultural activities and folkloric dances were presented.

Our sources reported that there were some progressive and socialist groups, including Workers’ World Party (WWP), which celebrated May Day in Union Square. While Party for Socialism and Liberation (PSL) held a rally in Herald Square on May Day, Progressive Labor Party marched through Flatbush Avenue, Brooklyn, on Saturday last week.

All New York rallies, marches and festivals were either more crowded than last year, or more energetic. As socialist and working class forces join their efforts, and work in their own communities, they showed the path to success and towards building a better future.

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