Messages of Solidarity to the Fourth Congress of the American Party of Labor


Communist Party of Great Britain (Marxist-Leninist)
04 December 2016

To the APL on the occasion of its 4th Congress.

Dear comrades of the APL, please accept our sincere greetings and best wishes for your 4th Congress. We wish you good debates without acrimony, sound Marxist positions arrived at that you can defend and which will strike a chord with workers in America.

Like yourselves we also work inside a vindictive and voracious imperialist beast that relentlessly seeks to devour all around it. Educating ourselves and the proletariat is our most important task in this period but we must also be seen on the streets with a correct (hopefully) analysis to keep drawing advanced workers to our flag and giving what succour we can to our international comrades.
It is a long hard slog and the revolution is not just around the corner, nor are there any clever short cuts but belief in our shared cause and the ultimate fruition of that cause along with patience and stamina will see us grow. Parties like ours can cast huge shadows in spite of relatively small membership numbers at the moment and both our ruling classes will surely learn to fear us. We raise our fist in Red Salute to you.

On behalf of our Central Committee.

Harpal Brar

Ella Rule

Zane Carpenter
General Secretary


Workers Communist Party of Denmark (APK)

For a strong Party of Revolution and a combative revolutionary movement in a center of imperialism

Greeting to the fourth congress of American Party of Labor by the Workers Communist Party of Denmark (APK).

Dear comrades

At a time where we see the contradictions of capitalism unfold and the crises of capitalism is shaking society, states, and the reactionary alliances such as the European Union and NATO –
During a time when Trumps reactionary presidency of generals and billionaires governs US –

At this brief moment of human history where imperialism rules and US is a center of imperialism –

In such a time where an alternative to capitalism in decay and imperialism is sought by the workers and the peoples of the world.
At this brief moment of human history before socialism again rises and workers’ states lead humankind to a new stage of society –

We salute your fourth congress, wishing the party successes in the efforts to build a strong communist party and movement in the United States of America, uniting the Marxist-Leninist communist and all revolutionary forces around the Party of the working class.
The final part of the Quito-declaration (1994) of the International Conference of Marxist-Leninist Parties and Organisations (ICMLPO/CIPOML), that is building the unity of struggle of the parties of revolution, reads:

”We are committed to our decision to hold aloft the banner of Marxism-Leninism, to fight for its application and to convert our parties and organisations into a political, social and organisational alternative, both nationally and internationally. Our parties and organisations restate our pledge to fight on the side of the working class and the peoples for the proletarian revolution and for the independence and sovereignty of the peoples, together with democrats, patriots and progressive persons to oppose capitalist and imperialist domination.

We pledge to keep alive the spirit of the Paris Commune, of the October Revolution and of all the revolutionary processes and experiences based upon the principles elaborated by Marx, Engels, Lenin and Stalin.”

These words are valid today, and the unity and cooperation of the Marxist-Leninist Communist forces not only on a national scale, but also internationally is more necessary than ever.

Success to the 4th Congress of the American Party of Labor!
Long live proletarian internationalism!

Glory to Marxism-Leninism!

Copenhagen December 8th
Workers’ Communist Party of Denmark (APK)


Labour Party of Turkey (EMEP)

To the 4th Congress of the American Party of Labour,

Dear comrades,

The opposition voice, which is being raised in the name of socialism in the USA, which is still the primary stronghold of world capitalism, although it is increasingly leaving its single determinant position, (the opposition voice) must be a source of happiness for the whole world as it is not only a shout but a community with a concrete body.

It is a separate source of happiness that shows that it is not a temporal unity that is formed by conjunctural reasons and that the formation of the 4th congress which is the voice of this community which has gathered together to defend socialism and to live in the future and is raised.

The world working class and international movement need the growth of voices and struggles that will be raised against the capitalism, the sovereignty of financial capital and the imperialism all over the world, especially in the major countries. Of course, every workers’ organization, every communist and labor party will fight for the liberation of the working class in their own country, and this struggle will take on a national form. However, the working class and struggle are international as its content, and the voices and struggles that rise from various countries should multiply and combine the struggles of the world working class in the individual countries on a single platform at the international level, as their demands are similar and their final goals are the same.

We are opposed to the world of international bourgeoisie, which means the world of exploitation, class pressure, inequity, injustice and wars of imperialism. The window we look at in the world is the window of the working class. Our struggle is the struggle of the liberation of the working class. And we aim to establish a world of freedom, a world in which the productive human, who will leave the exploitation and leave the working class, will be the master of himself/herself. We say that we need to organize the working class as ruling and ruling class. Because it is the only way to get rid of exploitation and class pressure and to reach such a world.

We must achieve this goal to get rid of exploitation and pressure. We must achieve this goal by not letting the imperialists, especially the great imperialist states, cooperate with the reactionaries to become harder and harder to hold each other in the throat, and to drag the world into a new war. We must achieve this goal, that the inequity and injustice, and the inhuman treatment of the human can be ended.The steps we take to achieve the goal and the distance we will take will make the world a more livable and bearable world, even though we have not reached our goal yet.

We wish the congress to be successful, and through the Congress, we are greeting the struggle of the American working class and the struggle for the liberation even if it is at the very beginning of the road.




Professor Grover Furr

I would like to congratulate the APL and its members on the occasion of your IVth Congress!

The anti-revisionist communist movement is growing worldwide. At last, 25 years after the end of the Soviet Union and 70 years after Nikita Khrushchev’s infamous “Secret Speech,” full of lies about Stalin and the heroic era of the communist movement of his day, there are signs of a rebirth of energy among supporters of the working classes everywhere.

The APL has the opportunity to play an important role in the rebirth of the international communist movement – a rebirth that is long overdue, and that is sorely needed by billions of people around the world.

We have to reject the lies and slander about the communist movement that are promoted both by the open advocates of capitalist exploitation and by the followers of Leon Trotsky, who insinuate these anticommunist lies into the working-class movement.

Although few in number, you in the APL have played an important role in this indispensable struggle.

I hope the APL, and the important work that you do, continues to grow.

With comradely greetings,

Grover Furr


Revolutionary Democracy (India)

Dear Comrades of the American Party of Labor.

We send you our warm revolutionary greetings on behalf of Revolutionary Democracy on the occasion of IV Congress of the APL. The increasing presence of the APL in the workplaces, streets and campuses of the US reveals that the years of persistent and exacting work of our comrades are bearing fruit.

This has taken place in the difficult and complex situation where the countries of socialism and the people’s democracies were eroded and destroyed in the years after the deaths of J.V.Stalin and Enver Hoxha. It has meant the principled defence and diffusion of the views of Marx, Engels, Lenin and Stalin, of the Comintern and the revolutionary period of the Cominform. Marxism teaches the necessity of the parties to work combining the theoretical, political and economic work in the construction of the Communist and Workers’ parties and organisations. We have no doubt the comrades in the USA will continue on this Marxist path!

We hope that the APL will continue to struggle for the interests of the working class and the oppressed peoples in the USA and the cause of national liberation.

Long live the work of the American Party of Labor!
Long Live Proletarian Internationalism!
In solidarity,

Vijay Singh,

Editorial Board,
Revolutionary Democracy.
7th December 2016.


Revolutionary Communist Party (PCR)

Salutation to American Party of Labor on the occasion of its congress.

We, from the Revolutionary Communist Party (PCR/Brasil) received with great joy the news of a congress of revolutionary communists, members of the American Party of Labor in this moment of decisive class confrontation in the world.
We know that the systemic crises of capitalism and the policies of imperialist governments took humanity to a dead end. The capitalists-imperialists can offer nothing more to peoples of the world beyond war, famine, poverty and unemployment.

We know that the effects of this crises are felt even within the main capitalist country of the world, the United States of America. This situation gives rise to a vigorous mass movement in many regions of the country, struggling against racism, against the financial system, for public education and for the right to housing.

In this context, we consider the actions of the political organizations of Marxist-Leninist revolutionaries to be urgent. As Manoel Lisboa de Moura, founder of PCR, said: “This is where the immense role of the revolutionary vanguard resides. This vanguard is the organized detachment, the conscious, of the working class. Its historical mission is to connect with the oppressed masses and direct them towards the conquest of power. Without vanguard action, without the direction of a communist and revolutionary party, the peoples risings will be always blind and inconsequential.” (Manoel Lisboa, 1972)

We hope that the American comrades will have a victorious congress of profound formulations and political analysis and that they will be able to propel the party towards a consequent revolutionary action and with deep bonds of solidarity with the peoples and the working class of all the nations, especially those that were and are exploited by imperialist policies.

Long live socialism and proletarian revolution!
Long live Marxism-Leninism and proletarian internationalism!

Secretariat of the Central Committee of the Revolutionary Communist Party (Brazil).

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