Comrade Fidel Castro Has Died


Todo el mundo tercero va
a enterrar su dolor.
Con granizo de plomo hará
su agujero de honor, su canción

Silvio Rodriguez.

A revolutionary star has fallen from the heavens. The BBC, citing Cuban television, has announced that Comrade Fidel Castro Ruz has passed away at age 90.

One of the giants of the world revolutionary, democratic, progressive, and anti-imperialist movements, Comrade Fidel led the Cuban people in over half a century of resistance to U.S. imperialism. His word, thought, and actions were an inspiration to millions around the world. The resolute, principled militancy and the generous internationalism of the Cuban Revolution were Comrade Fidel’s legacy. Latin America, Africa, Asia, and the working and oppressed peoples of the entire world are all in deepest grief today.

The American Party of Labor bows its head in solemn tribute to one of the greatest revolutionaries of our time. We join our pain to that of all progressive and democratic humanity in this tragic hour.

Comandante Fidel Castro Ruz – Presente!

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