Who are the American Party of Labor?


by Comrade Aaron Peterson

Who are the American Party of Labor?

The American Party of Labor is by far one of the most diverse Marxist-Leninist organizations in the United States. We are Atheists, Muslims, Christians and Jews (And many others).

What brings us together? The cause of socialism, the realization that with socialism we can bring about a society where the working men and women can truly be freed. A society where peoples who have been exploited and held down by the chains of oppression can break those chains and focus on their labor, arts, spirituality and the things which make them, them.

Why the American Party of Labor?

The American Party of Labor is a non-discriminatory party, it is a party of all peoples, albeit a modest one, who not in name allow in the aforementioned groups for the sake of having them in their organization, but to truly value them, and to truly recognize their potential to give the Party new ideas, ways forward and help to create a better world without the bigotry, exploitation and division of capitalism.

This is why I am a proud member of the American Party of Labor.

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