The Workers’ Party of Tunisia condemns the aggression against the Yemeni People


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No military intervention in Yemen

In serious crisis in Yemen, a group of Arab states led by Saudi Arabia carried out the aerial bombardment of the capital Sanaa and the most important cities and sites seized by the Houthi forces loyal to deposed Ali Abdullah Saleh.

The Workers’ Party:
– This external military intervention instigated by US and carried out by its regional allies is not in the interest of the Yemeni people and the peoples of the region.
– The Yemeni people alone have the authority to resolve their internal problems.
– We condemn interference by Gulf and Arab regimes, they had the responsibility of the formation of the joint force for the Liberation of Palestine, or to help the people of Iraq, Syria, Libya, Sudan and Somalia, which have suffered fragmentation and proxy wars to protect the interests of imperialism and Zionism in the region.
– Calls for national and progressive forces in the Arab world and other countries to reject this intervention, which subjects the Yemeni people to massacres and destroys Yemen.
Workers’ Party

Tunisia on March 30, 2015

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