American Far-Left Parties Declare A United Front



The left-wing in the USA has not presented a united front in decades. Long in the past are the roaring speeches of W.E.B. DuBois and Eugene V. Debs. Ever since the McCarthy era, and its blatant attack against the forces of liberty and equality in this country, labeling anything the Soviet’s were for as un-American like some variation of a Groucho Marx skit, the Left has fractured, broken apart, and while still existed in significant numbers, was so divided as to be useless.

It came as a surprise then to witness two of the more active far-left parties, the American Party of Labor and the Party of Communists USA announced that they would work together in the future. This news, of two U.S. far-left parties putting aside their differences, and focusing on their commonalities, made news worldwide. But domestic media was silent, having long decided that the far-left was dead, despite its recent rise in popularity, most obvious with the election of Kshama Sawant in Seattle, WA.

In their announcement of fraternity, the united organizations extended a hand to the other far-left organizations in this country to join them. Who, if any, will take it is as of yet unknown, but the symbology and movement to reconciliation, fraternity and unity is precisely what has been lacking for the far left in this country. As it is, the political strength of the far-left in this country is evaporated mainly in how divisive the groups are between each other. Despite having a common goal, they just have had a decades-long history of being more likely to attack each other as not.

Despite there being dozens of Tea Party groups, they ignore their differences and focus on the common factors, which is what makes them effective in the political arena despite being outnumbered by the left in this country. We need more cooperation between the left-wing, between the greens and the communists, between the socialists and the progressives. If these two organizations can come together in brotherhood, we all can.

It is a reminder of the Motto for the United States before we let the McCarthyists trample over what America stood for “E Pluribus Unum.”

Out of many, One.


Featured image American Party of Labor/Party of Communists USA


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