ICMLPO Europe: Stop the War in Ukraine Now! No to Sending Weapons and Money for War!

The war in Ukraine, initiated by Russian imperialism, is intensifying and this increases the danger of a protracted inter-imperialist war, which can lead to the involvement of more and more countries.

Russia, the US/NATO and the EU are talking about a possible nuclear war. This war, fueled by both sides, poses a threat to all the peoples of Europe, primarily in Ukraine and Russia. Tens of thousands of people have already been murdered for the interests of capital and the struggle of the imperialist powers. The longer this war lasts, the more people will die, the more Ukraine will become a field of ruin, and the worse the consequences will become, such as inflation, recession and layoffs.

The working class and peoples of the whole of Europe are suffering the consequences of the active participation of their bourgeoisie in this war for the re-division of imperialist spheres of influence, the plundering of raw materials and the exploitation of labor power: rampant poverty, high inflation, energy crisis and the first signs of recession.

Already during the pandemic, the burden was shifted onto the working class and peoples, while capital’s profits increased. Now the workers are being dragged even lower.

At the same time, aggressive nationalism, militarism and fascism are instigated by the ruling class, to try to divide the working class and the popular masses.

On both sides they want the peoples to willingly follow their war plans. But our sisters and brothers in other countries are not our enemies. Our enemy is the ruling class and we must fight against it in our own country!

Today opposition to the reactionary war is growing in our countries and its rejection is spreading internationally. It is increasingly necessary to express this opposition in the workplace and the streets, building a united popular front against the war and the consequences of the war!

Instead of becoming cannon fodder in this imperialist war, it is urgent to fight for our interests:

Increases in wages and pensions!

No layoffs! No suppression of workers’ rights!

We will not pay for your war! The rich and the bosses must pay!

Funds for health and education, not for war and rearmament!

Solidarity with the Ukrainian people means stopping the war!

We express our international solidarity with the peoples of Ukraine and Russia, who are opposed to this war. We express our international solidarity with the working class in Europe and in the world.

Stop the war now! Cease fire!

No to sending weapons and money for the war! Get our countries out of NATO, Russia out of Ukraine!

Only with the development of a mass revolutionary movement will it be possible to stop this war and make possible a just peace without oppression of the peoples, without forced annexations and robberies.

October 2022

European members of the International Conference of Marxist-Leninist Parties and Organizations (ICMLPO)

Communist Party of Albania

Communist Workers’ Party of Denmark – APK

Communist Workers’ Party of France – PCOF

Organization for the Construction of a Communist Workers’ Party of Germany

Movement for the Reorganization of the Communist Party of Greece (KKE 1918-1955)

Communist Platform – for the Communist Party of the Proletariat of Italy

Organization Revolusjon – Norway

Communist Party of Spain (Marxist-Leninist) – PCEML

Party of Labour (EMEP) – Turkey

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