Imperialist states reaffirm their warmongering spirit

Central Organ of the Communist Party of Ecuador — ML (PCMLE)

A year after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, which gave rise to the outbreak of an inter-imperialist war in which the United States and its Western allies in the European Union and NATO, on the one hand, and Russian imperialism on the other, are confronted, the possibilities of a forthcoming solution to the conflict are not seen. All analysts point out that it has been a war that has lasted longer than expected and the effects of it also exceed forecasts.

Since Ukraine is the territory on which the war is taking place, the workers and peoples of that country are its main victims. There are thousands of dead and injured, hundreds of thousands of victims and more than five and a half million refugees in different countries, mainly in Europe.

But the workers and peoples of other countries are also victims of the war. The US and its Western allies imposed a series of economic sanctions and trade bans on Russia that, in a short time, had negative effects on their own countries, beyond the serious impact against those to whom they were addressed. The energy crisis has increased, the price of fuel rose, inflationary indices have increased, causing – in fact – a decrease in workers’ wages; the rate of growth of the economy decreased, budgets were cut to feed military spending. In short, the workers are bearing the effects of war on their backs, but they are not bearing them passively. Europe has also become the scene of massive protest actions by workers and youth against the crisis, the reduction of wages, against the policies of governments to reform [cut back] pension and health systems; They are mobilizations in which, at the same time, war is condemned and peace is demanded.

On the first anniversary of this war, all those involved have taken advantage of the date to reaffirm their warmongering spirit. On both sides new threats have emerged, announcements of more billions in “aid” from the West to Ukraine; Russia, for its part, made it known that it is suspending its participation in the nuclear arms control treaty.

China – Russia’s ally, although it tries to hide that situation in this conflict – tried to use the opportunity to jump on the scene with a “peace plan to end the armed conflict”, which was rejected by both sides. It could be seen that the plan would fail, since it was a proposal in which rhetoric prevailed. Putin has said that “the premises are not right for a cessation of hostilities”, and that he has not fulfilled what, at least officially, he said he proposed when he launched his troops against Ukraine. The US and Zelensky are assessing the situation in the same way, but from the other side: they cannot end the conflict with troops on top, which closes the door to their desire since before the war to make Ukraine another NATO enclave.

The banners of peace are not being raised by warmongers, but by the peoples. It is the workers of the world who are condemning this imperialist war, condemning both imperialist sides alike and demanding its immediate end.

En Marcha # 2038 from March 1 to 7, 2023

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