Marxist-Leninist Communist Party of Ecuador: Message on the End of the Electoral Campaign.

16% of all votes cast in the Ecuadorian run-off election were NULL VOTES.

Translated by Red Phoenix Staff.

At the end of the process of the second electoral round with the triumph of the candidacy of Guillermo Lasso of the CREO/Social Christian alliance, the PCMLE vindicates with vigor and determination the dignity and consequence of the advanced sectors of workers, youth, women, indigenous nationalities and other organized popular sectors when expressing their categorical pronouncement of profound significance for the NULL VOTE that obtained more than 16% of the national vote, one million seven hundred thousand votes, for the first time in a second round, with the awareness that only the people save the people and that in this election the people had no candidates.

The NULL VOTE became a banner for the discontented, an expression of protest against the situation in which we, as always, live; against the owners of lives and estates that Correa and his successor Moreno always represented. The NULL VOTE managed to manifest itself despite the slanderous attacks directed by the two candidates, the mainstream media of the bourgeoisie and certain opportunists disguised as the “left,” that it supposedly supported one or the other, trying to distort its true meaning.

The majority pronouncement of the voters in favor of Lasso expresses a repudiation of the corrupt and authoritarian correista regime, which sheltered itself under the cloak of “progressivism”, in order to cover up its trajectory at the service of imperialism and the bourgeoisie.  In no way should it be confused with an endorsement of the oligarchic and traditional right, neoliberalism and privatizations. It places in the first rank the disposition of the people, to change the form of government that, for 14 years, was marked by arrogance, abuse and the violation of their fundamental rights.

The peoples of Ecuador demand an urgent solution to the acute problems that threaten them: To address the health crisis with the immediate mass distribution of free anti-COVID vaccines; measures for the generation of employment and the reactivation of production through credit for small and medium production; face the increase in poverty and unhealthiness; preferential attention to education at all levels and all current needs derived from the economic and social crisis. All of this becomes a popular mandate for its fulfillment by the new government.

We Marxist-Leninists, revolutionaries, must adequately interpret the current situation that demands that the task that cannot be postponed for the construction of the most solid unity of the workers and popular sectors in order to organize and demand from the new government the proposals and offers formulated in the campaign. This will undoubtedly open up for the popular movement and its organizations a new political situation that allows its strengthening and consolidation, in pursuit of the free and sovereign Ecuador, for which we fight!


April 12, 2021.

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