International Conference of Marxist-Leninist Parties and Organizations: The People of Bolivia are Fighting Against Fascism

The coup d’état promoted by U.S. imperialism and executed by the Bolivian right-wing, the police and the military, supported by the OAS and the reactionary governments of the continent is being rejected by the workers, peasants, youth, revolutionaries, leftists and democrats of that country, of the region and the world. It is an anti-communist and reactionary offensive, which calls the government of Evo Morales revolutionary and socialist and calls for a holy alliance to affirm the interests of the international monopolies and the Bolivian oligarchy.

The workers and peoples of Bolivia are standing up, mobilized for the defense of their interests and rights that reaction and imperialism are trying to eliminate. After several years of its administration, the government of Evo Morales and his MAS movement have reaped criticism and demands by large sectors of the population, who saw how he carried out a policy contrary to his “leftist” and “anti-imperialist” speeches, while applying a policy of division in the popular movement, created parallel unions and destroyed undisciplined union leaderships.

But they did not listen to these demands, nor did they heed the warnings that this road separated them from much of the people and placed them at the mercy of the right wing. The atmosphere of social discontent had been expressed for a long time, clearly becoming evident when he lost the referendum calling for reform of the Constitution and allowing him to stand for a new reelection. The results of the October elections sharpened these tensions and helped to create the environment for the coup d’état.

The communists and the left in general will have the opportunity to evaluate this experience, to draw conclusions and guidelines that will contribute to giving a consistent revolutionary orientation to the process in Bolivia.

And, for now, it is necessary to reject this action of the right wing and U.S. imperialism, as we stand in solidarity with the struggles of the working class and working masses, the peoples of our sister country and our sister party, the PCR which is fighting together with them in order to guarantee a revolutionary direction and course.

Today the people are fighting in the streets against fascism. The organizations of the left that fought against several of the economic measures of a neoliberal type promoted by Evo, are leading the discontent and are working to give leadership to the anti-fascist resistance. The government, the army and imperialism are exerting a strong repression that has cost the lives of more than 30 people.

The will to struggle of the Bolivian peoples, expressed during these last days, reflects the tradition, experience and lessons of the fight against neoliberalism and for social liberation.

Together with the comrades of the PCR of Bolivia, we reject the agreements at the top between the government and sectors of the MAS itself, to call for elections, with new rules and courts, without the participation of Evo Morales. It is an agreed upon way out of the crisis, which does not take into account the interests of workers and peoples.

The workers and the peoples, the political organizations and parties of the revolutionary left, the Revolutionary Communist Party, will continue in the struggle and will not renounce the objectives of the revolution and socialism.

Coordination Committee of the ICMLPO

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