Revolutionary Communist Party of Bolivia: Not One Step Back! Defend the Rights That we Have Won

Translated by Red Star Publishers

The burning of the Wiphala [national and indigenous flag of Bolivia – translator’s note] and its rapid removal from the dais of the Plurinational Legislative Assembly is a lack of respect for the patriotic symbol that represents centuries of resistance of the indigenous peoples. It has created a reaction to demand for the symbol and fight against racism from those who have violated it. The participation of indigenous peoples and nations, from the west to the east within the Plurinational State, have been trampled upon and repressed (clear examples were the TIPNIS and Achacachi). We believe that the Plurinational State should not be limited to a symbolic representation but that the existence and full self-determination of the peoples must be respected. We demand full respect for the Wiphala as well as the patujú [national flower of Bolivia – translator’s note], symbols of the resistance of our peoples.

They tell us that God has returned to the government palace and we see the bible and crucifixes in official acts of the “transitional government,” trampling completely on the secular State recognized by the Political State Constitution. Likewise, the “new cabinet” is made up of nefarious characters such as Justiniano (defense lawyer for the violators of the pack in Santa Cruz [headquarters of the right-wing – translator’s note]) and Murillo (who from the Senate floor called for women to commit suicide rather than have an abortion).

Rest assured that we will fight to defend the rights we have won and prepare a strong defense to improve the conditions of the workers of the city and countryside; respect for the secular State, the effective separation of church and State, within the framework of full respect for individual freedom of worship, as well as the rights of women and the LGBT population, and the full respect for all democratic freedoms. We reject any possibility of political persecutions and the excessive use of force against protests that have resulted in injuries and deaths throughout the country.

Given the economic situation of the country, with a pattern of increased external debt and a decrease in Net International Reserves, in the context of the trend of economic recession at the international level due to the law of the tendency of the fall in the rate of profit, a series of economic measures are coming. We must enlist our strong defense of labor and social rights won by the working classes. After years of privileges to the union bureaucracy and in the absence of a real struggle of the workers against the lack of action of the populist government, there has been created a disorganization of the popular movement; we parent organizations, unions, federations and centrals must organize ourselves in defense of the rights that have been won and recover the service to the people.

La Paz, November 14, 2019

Central Committee Secretariat

Revolutionary Communist Party – Bolivia

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