Statement of the American Party of Labor on the Popular Victory in Ecuador


The American Party of Labor salutes the people of Ecuador on the signal victory they have achieved over neo-liberal exploitation, governmental corruption, and imperialist subterfuge; and in defense of their national sovereignty, dignity and human worth.

On October 1, 2019, the Quisling government of President Lenin Moreno announced a series of economic measures (Decree 883) designed to secure a $4 million loan from the International Monetary Fund.  These measures, the culmination of more than a year of harsh austerity cut-backs in social services, would have resulted in an end to fuel subsidies and drastic reductions in workers’ benefits and wages.

The very next day, the Unidad Popular mass organization, the United Workers Front trade union, the Confederation of Indigenous Nationalities of Ecuador, and the Federation of University Students of Ecuador announced a series of protests against the government measures.

The protests began on October 3 with taxi, bus, and truck drivers striking against the elimination of fuel subsidies.  The protest movement quickly escalated, spreading to other professions/industries and mobilizing women’s and student organizations.  Thousands of people from Ecuador’s indigenous communities flooded into the capital, Quito.  In response, President Moreno declared a “State of Emergency” on October 4; and he and his government fled the capital city, relocating to the city of Guayaquil on October 8.

Intense mass struggle erupted as protestors briefly seized the National Assembly on October 9; numerous street battles broke out between protestors and police and military; and, in at least one remarkable scene, army troops engaging with police at the side of and in defense of unarmed protestors.

Faced with the high level of militancy and resolve shown by the working class, the youth, and particularly the indigenous peoples, President Moreno, who once had vowed that he would never back down, did just that.  On October 13, Moreno rescinded Decree 883; and the following day signed into effect Decree 894 restoring fuel subsidies and reversing budget cuts.

The events in Ecuador clearly demonstrate what can be achieved popular unity and resolute class struggle.  They provide proof that militant mass action is the road to victory in the people’s struggles for liberation and human dignity.

We, in the American Party of Labor take inspiration from the example of the people of Ecuador; and from the actions of their vanguard, the Marxist-Leninist Communist Party (PCMLE), whose tireless efforts contributed in no small part to the people’s victory.  Indeed, may the example of the Ecuadorian people’s struggle spread to the United States where strikes are now emerging throught the country against Trumpism and its vicious Neo-Fascist policies.

Long live the people of Ecuador!

Long live the Marxist-Leninist Communist Party of Ecuador!

Forward to revolution and socialism!

The Secretariat of the American Party of Labor

October 15, 2019


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