Statement of the Revolutionary Youth of Ecuador (JRE)

Translated by Red Phoenix staff.

After 12 days of intense days of protest, unity and popular struggle, the government was forced to  back down and repeal Decree 883 and, thus, suspend the elevation of the cost of fuels. This, without a doubt, is an important step and confirms that the struggle is the way to achieve victories and boost real social transformations.

The indigenous movement, youth, workers and peoples, have defeated the pretensions of the government, IMF, imperialism and the bourgeoisie; that, they intended to impose on us with blood and fire, threats and violence. We also defeated the coup intentions of Correism to take advantage of the struggle and appear as “Saviors”.

The fight must continue against the sell-outs and their neoliberal measure such as the privatization of public companies, work layoffs, and placing large-scale mining in the hands of foreign companies. The blood of our brothers and sisters who gave their lives, who were injured or arrested, should not remain unavenged.  Those responsible must be punished.

Any new decree and measures to overcome the fiscal deficit must take into account proposals such as the recovery of monies stolen through corruption, the nationalization of cell phones, the renegotiation of oil contracts, the reduction of VAT, and a comprehensive agrarian reform , among other things.

We will remain vigilant to prevent the government from mocking and deceiving the people.

Finally, it is proven that the state and the government represent and defend the interests of the rich and powerful; that the task of workers, youth and the peoples is to build a different society, free of exploitation and inequality. Therefore, we call on youth to strengthen their organizations, maintain popular unity and fight for a real social revolution.

Revolutionary Youth of Ecuador

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