New Jersey Stands With Venezuela!


On February 26, a group of radicals, young and old, came together in New Brunswick to protest and bring attention to the illegal coup the U.S. is attempting to carry out in Venezuela.  This coup attempt, while garnering support from the ruling imperialists and their corporate talking heads, has garnered denunciation from much of the world.

The coup continues to fail against strong and organized support behind the current Venezuelan government and the right of the country for self-determination. Unfortunately, these corporate talking heads do most of their talking to the American public—a public whose children will be sent to war if the coup fails, kill innocent people who only want to work, eat, and care for their families or be killed by an innocent person who only wants to work, eat, and care for their family. And for what? For another war, for more oil, for more power to the few.


The event was organized by the American Party of Labor (APL) and Rutgers Student Group, The All Marxist-Leninist Union (AMLU). Both groups were joined by members of the Coalition Against Endless War and NJ Anti-War Agenda, and NJ Green Party Gubernatorial candidate, Seth Kaper-Dale. bringing together concerned Americans from across New Jersey.

The statements made by the various speakers were given to raise awareness about what is going on and agitate action against imperialist war. The speeches spoke of the current conditions of Venezuela and the coup, but also connected these current events to wider historical and political circumstances.


Destiny, a freshman member of AMLU, gave a powerful speech which connected Venezuela to the popular uprising currently happening in Haiti. Members from anti-war coalitions illustrated how this coup attempt is just another notch on the bed of American imperialism, drawing the line from the Korean war and dozens of conflicts that have happened between it and now. The American Party of Labor came out with anti-imperialist speeches, statements against white supremacy, and the continuing destruction across the globe that profit demands.

The same imperialists who exploit and degrade us at home are the same who profit from war and the destruction of people’s and their territory. As the students of Rutgers and concerned citizens who joined them argued, it is up to the American working class to prevent bloodshed in the name of profit.


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