Declaration by the Comuna Antilla (Puerto Rico) On Venezuela and Haiti

Translated by Red Phoenix staf

February 25th, 2019

Official Declaration

San Juan, Puerto Rico

Due to the clear interference by the US government in Venezuelan politics, through the use of the territory of Puerto Rico and its people; The General Secretariat and Secretariat for International Relations of Comuna Antilla declare the following:

WHEREAS, President Nicolás Maduro won the last elections (2018) because of a higher turnout than that which elected both Ricardo Roselló in Puerto Rico and Donald Trump himself in the United States of America (both elections in 2016), and equally capitalist governments such as those of Emmanuel Macron in France (2017), Sebastián Piñera in Chile (2017), Mauricio Macri in Argentina (2015).

WHEREAS, the Venezuelan country enjoys a constitution and organization as independent as any other country existing today.

WHEREAS, The United States of America has spearheaded military and soft interventions in Latin American countries for its own benefit throughout history.

WHEREAS it is the U.S. government that has financed a campaign against Maduro, blocking the entry of supplies since the beginning of the Chavez government, increasing the cost of products, with the help of allied corporations; actions that have resulted in the impoverishment and suffering of the Venezuelan working class, and other dispossessed classes in the country.

WHEREAS The United States of America blocked the entry of supplies to Puerto Rico from Venezuela and Cuba after Hurricane Maria, in a clear demonstration of its dominant position, and now intends to provide humanitarian aid to Venezuela without the endorsement of the Venezuelan government, as a media strategy with the aim of military infiltration.

WHEREAS, The United States of America has reinforced its colonial presence in Puerto Rico with the increase of military personnel on the island, FBI agents, and the creation of the Fiscal Control Board in 2016. They are now seeking to use the island as a channel for military intervention in Venezuela.

WHEREAS, the Fiscal Control Board has deprived the people of their rights and essential needs (such as education) since their arrival on the island; it has shown that the U.S. Congress shows no interest in the welfare of Puerto Rican citizens.

WHEREAS, Ricardo Roselló’s government attacks Nicolás Maduro’s government in the media while his own government keeps Isla Nena (Vieques) in inhumane conditions and this is also ignored by Donald Trump himself.

WHEREAS, Ricardo Roselló’s government is rooted in a colony and therefore illegitimate (under international rights and UN agreements).

THEREFORE, we declare ourselves against any intervention by the American nation in Venezuela and any other country.

THEREFORE, even with our ideological differences, we recognize Maduro’s government as one that has been endorsed by the people in national elections.

THEREFORE, we demand that the United States cease using Puerto Rican territory as a military base to carry out attacks or gather intelligence from sister Latin American countries for imperialist profit.

THEREFORE, we demand the cessation of the recruitment of impoverished youths who have been offered no other recourse but to become paid gunmen in the U.S. Army.

THEREFORE, we demand that the forces of oppression headed by the FBI and the CIA in Puerto Rico be withdrawn, given that, contrary to popular opinion, these intelligence forces have shown themselves to be disinterested in acting against the true criminality that has prevailed in this country: that of the political class and the corrupt banker.

THEREFORE, we call for real and revolutionary international solidarity with the Venezuelan people.

We take advantage of this communiqué to denounce also the living conditions suffered today by our Haitian sister people. We request support and information from all parties and related organizations in order to carry out any solidarity and necessary action. We call on the Caribbean peoples to unite in anti-imperialist and antifascist efforts.


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