Party of Labour of Iran (Toufan): “We Will Neither Forgive Nor Forget!”

On the occasion of the thirtieth anniversary of the massacre of political prisoners in the summer and August-September of 1988.

This year marks 30th anniversary of the massacre of political prisoners in Iran. In the summer and August-September of 1988, the capitalist regime of the Islamic Republic headed by the hangman Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Khomeini, executed thousands of political prisoners. Khomeini dragged the Iran-Iraq war on for 8 years and, in the summer of 1988, he was forced to drink the chalice of poison, declared cease fire and and semi-officially admitted defeat.  To continue his medieval rule and to intimidate the society, he flew the demon of death over the heads of political prisoners, and with indescribable cruelty and savagery, ordered the execution of thousands of hope-filled communists and revolutionaries. Khomeini carried out a blood bath, unprecedented in Iran’s contemporary history. As Khomeini’s Intelligence Minister Ali Falahian stated last year, “The Islamic regime saw its survival in cleansing the prisons and eliminating the enemies, and this was carried out with the order from Imam Khomeini.”

Khomeini’s order : 

” In all cases , anyone who is still in discord with the Islamic Republic at any stage of the case , his sentence is death penalty. Destroy the enemies of Islam immediately. All cases should be reviewed as quickly as possible. ” 

This atmosphere of fear and intimidation shocked society and, at the time of Rafsanjani’s presidency, the government’s neoliberal policy of economic adjustment started to dig its claws into the body of the society. The disastrous results of this policy are crystal clear to every working man and woman in Iran today.

In this grim killing, Comrades Mehdi Mehralian (Hashem), Hojat Alian ( Kiumars) and Farhad Pashaki, militant members of the Party of Labour of Iran (Toufan) alongside a large number of other revolutionaries lost their lives. They sacrificed their lives for the Iranian revolution and did not submit to the reactionary rule of the Islamic Republic. The discovered mass graves at Khavaran  is witness to the horrendous crimes committed by all high ranking officials of the Islamic Republic.  The people of Iran do not forgive those who are responsible for the massacre of political prisoners, for the physical elimination of the freedom fighters since the beginning of the rule of Ayatollahs , from Tehran to Kurdistan to Turkmen Sahra to universities and work places.  Iranian society is impatient for the day these criminal go on trial.

On the occasion of the thirtieth anniversary of massacre of the political prisoners in the summer and September of 1988, the Party of Labour of Iran (Toufan) commemorates the fallen Party Comrades and all those who made the supreme sacrifice for freedom, equality, independence and social justice. We turn the grief over this criminal offense into a weapon to intensify the struggle against the criminal regime of the Islamic Republic of Iran and its thugs!

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