Party of Labour of Iran: “Hail May 1st, the International Working Class Day!”



May 1st is a day of powerful show of unity of workers all over the world.

The working class around the world has hailed the May Day for more a century in order to celebrate the anniversary of the glorious struggles of Chicago workers on May 1, 1886. The workers’ demonstration in Chicago was faced with the police bloody suppression, but the memory of that day was not faded out. On the contrary, May Day demonstrations in the entire world became a manifestation of the international solidarity between the working class throughout the world.

On this day, workers from all countries, regardless of their color or nationality or religion, celebrate their conscious life in a struggle against unemployment, hunger, poverty, suppression, and exploitation. In this common struggle, two camps line up; the world of capital and the world of labour, the world of exploitation and slavery, the world of equality and brotherhood. In this common struggle, the demand of workers is elimination of exploitation and the establishment of a world free of war, fascism, racism, poverty, prostitution, and all other manifestations of the parasitic capitalist order.

The working class is the creator of wealth and the driving force of society, as well as the engine of revolution. Without the presence of the working class in democratic and liberation movements, without the leadership of the working class in these movements and without the seizure of political power by the conscious proletariat, no revolution will come to its final victory or will bring liberty to humanity that is on agenda of socialism. The example of the February 1979 Revolution in Iran against the U.S. Puppet regime of the Shah is in front of us. The Revolution was realized by the decisive struggles of the Iran’s working class, particularly the struggles of workers of the oil industries. No victory was possible without the presence of workers of the oil fields in the Revolution. . But since the workers lacked communist leadership, they could not put their stamp on the Revolution. Despite their heroic and decisive battles, they were again thrown to the bottom of the society. They have left with no option except preparing themselves for another revolution.

This year, we celebrate May Day in a situation that the nightmare of religious tyranny in Iran continues to dominate. The working class is deprived of all of its social rights. Under the regime of the Islamic Republic, the labor law, social welfare, the rights to assemble and form trade unions are just words on paper. Deeper poverty and higher unemployment are raging in Iran, and “High Council for Labour” , has set the minimum wage of 1264,000 Tumans ( about 250 U.S. dollars) ,which is about three times lower than the poverty line. Furthermore in the past year, the regime of the Islamic Republic of Iran continued the policy of imprisonment, torture, execution and suppression of dissidents, especially of labour activists. In the last year, the country has only progressed in poverty, corruption, bribery, theft, massive scandals and embezzlement. All the big thieves are connected to the top leaders of the ruling mafia system. The dazzling uprising of workers and toilers several months ago, which lasted for ten days, was a spark that blazed rapidly and spread to more than 100 large and small cities and shook the foundation of the Islamic Republic. This uprising was the rise of wisdom against ignorance, a just rebellion against unemployment and extreme poverty and economic corruption, and against Neoliberal policies implemented by the regime and against political repressions. It was the expression of anger of millions of people whose patience has reached its limit and decided to challenge the capitalist and deceitful regime. The deep class gap in Iran is the product of the implemented Neoliberal policies of the huge embezzlement by both factions of the regime of the Islamic Republic.

This year, we welcome May Day when imperialist military aggression against peoples of the world continues. The immediate and unconditional withdrawal of the Saudi invading army from Yemen, the immediate and unconditional withdrawal of military forces of the U.S. imperialists and their allies from Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya, rising the banner of defense of the people of Palestine, and intensifying the all sided boycott of the racist and aggressive regime of Israeli are internationalist task of all communists and revolutionary forces of the world over.

The Party of Labour of Iran (Toufan) congratulates the workers occasion of the May Day and wishes them ever greater success in their united struggles against capitalism and imperialism, against war and bloodshed and fascism, and for peace, freedom and bread. Only through revolution and the path that Leninism shows us, we will be able to seize political power and make the future bright for humanity. This is the path to human liberation and the way to realize human rights for all workers and the working people.

Hail May 1st, the Working Class Day !

Down with the Capitalist Regime of the Islamic Republic of Iran, by the united struggles of the workers and the working people of Iran!

Long Live Socialism, the Banner of Human Salvation!

The Party of Labour of Iran (Toufan)

May 2018

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