Bachmann’s New Hampshire Staff: We Quit!

By Lucas Grindley

It looks like Michele Bachmann’s emphasis on the social issues needed to win Iowa is starting to get her in trouble with some Republicans. All of Bachmann’s staff in New Hampshire has quit, according to a report from a TV station there.

Bachmann, who won the Iowa straw poll, has repeatedly touted her credentials as a social conservative who advocates against abortion and same-sex marriage. And that emphasis on winning Iowa voters had her five New Hampshire staffers questioning their state’s importance to the candidate, reports WMUR.

This would be only the latest round of staff turnover for Bachmann. Earlier in the year, her campaign manager Ed Rollins left, followed by several other important players. Rollins is a regular on political news shows who is experienced at running presidential campaigns.

The staff departures have also correlated with Bachmann’s falling poll numbers. Bachmann is now not only competing for the mantle as the social conservative candidate, but also for Tea Party votes. Her win in Iowa came on the same day that Texas governor Rick Perry entered the race, and both he and Herman Cain have since been on the rise in the polls.


Categories: Discrimination, Elections, Government, LGBTQ Rights

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