Israel’s New Holocaust

Attack on “Hamas?” Don’t Make Me Laugh!
It seems at this point, the international community would defend Israel’s imperialist ethnic cleansing even if the IDF started using gas chambers. “225 Killed as Israel Rains Fire on Hamas,” the Jerusalem Post headline says. One wonders: if someone bombed America, would the media say that they “rained fire on George W. Bush?” As I write this, the Post’s headline is outdated. The death toll in Gaza is now 635 and counting, with over 3,000 injured. Thousands of Israeli Arabs have already taken to the streets in protest, and there have been several such demonstrations by masses of people in front of Israeli embassies worldwide.

Over 100 tons of explosives have already been dropped by Israeli planes in the heaviest bombing in the region since the Six-Day War back in 1967. Ground troops have already begun invading and occupying Palestine. Israeli Prime Minister Olmert’s statement that the invasion of Palestine is to “bring about a fundamental improvement in the security situation in the South [of Gaza]” and to “allow citizens to lead normal lives” is undermined by the sudden, massive airstrike that is specifically targeting infrastructure. In the past day, Israeli shells hit two UN Jabaliya schools, leaving 33 children dead and 55 injured, 13 in critical condition.

Who’s the Terrorist?
The Palestinian territory of the Gaza strip—the victim of this bloody imperialist attack—has about 1.5 million inhabitants, 45% under the age of 15. At least 115 children have already died. Still, “these people are nothing but thugs,” Gordon Johndroe, a spokesman for the National Security Council says. “So Israel is going to defend its people against terrorists like Hamas that indiscriminately kill their own people.” That remark came soon before a report that a Hamas police academy had been bombed during a graduation ceremony, killing 80.

A Little Perspective

A Little Perspective

Israeli Foreign Affairs Minister Tzipora Livni demands that Olmert “topple” the Hamas government, and insists that if the Palestinian government “gets down on its knees and begs Israel to stop,” then a ceasefire will be “considered.”
In spite of the US’s responsibility in this matter—giving 5 billion dollars to Israel annually and continually blocking a ceasefire agreement—our “dear leader” Obama has thus far been mysteriously silent. It will be interesting to see which bourgeois stooch breaks the silence first.

The Objective Situation
Olmert and his cronies say that this Zionist terror is due to the rocket attacks launched by Hamas fighters into Israeli territory. He fails to mention, however, that the election of Hamas to power in Palestine and the violence that has resulted are all a reaction to Israel’s decades-long occupation and subjugation of the Palestinian people inside and outside of Israel.

Israel currently controls the borders and airspace around the West Bank and Gaza Strip. Road crossings into Gaza are currently blocked. Gaza itself currently has a 49% unemployment rate, while the West bank has 23%. Most Palestinian residents of the Strip currently live without running water. 50,000 children are currently suffering malnutrition because of the recent Israeli blockade, an action that brings back memories of the Nazi blockade of Stalingrad during WWII where citizens of the city were reduced to eating wallpaper to survive.

Let’s be crystal clear—Israel, not Hamas, is responsible for the invasion. Nothing will stop the rockets except the end of apartheid in Israel and the end of the Israeli occupation of Palestinian land. Hamas are not socialist, but they are a movement of the national bourgeoisie that fights for the civil rights of the Palestinian people. The objective situation demands that US and Israeli imperialism must be fought in Palestine and the entire Middle East through armed struggle if we hope to see an end to the bloodshed once and for all.

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