Welfare Queens

If there’s anything that we can all agree on, it’s our hatred of these fools leeching off the government and the labor of the working class. The government has already given them over a trillion dollars, and their still coming begging for more-coming in private jets, actually.
After all, it’s not the poor I’m angry about, since despite popular opinion only about 5% of the federal government’s budget goes toward “social programs.” The poor get these benefits cut off the second they get a bit more fortunate, and sometimes earlier. The result is a “doughnut hole” where people are better off making $5,000 less per year because otherwise they’ll lose out on $5,700 in benefits each year. The welfare queens I’m complaining about are the rich, getting billions each, even when they obviously don’t need it. The government is content to give these billion-dollar bailouts with little or no oversight while the working poor must account for every nickel in food share benefits. Many people are wondering: why?
The answer is simple. The government is controlled by the rich landowners, the bourgeoisie. The ruling class controls everything in this country: the government, the major parties, the charities, the churches, in some cases even the unions, and of course the multinational conglomerates, some of which even have their own pages in the tax code. Since the bourgeoisie have state power, they can and will reward their rich buddies by using their authority to rewrite laws and loot the government’s treasury.

The Bailouts: Economic Socialism, or Economic Fascism?

Oddly enough, this vast theft is being called “socialist.” This assertion is so ridiculous that it is almost beyond comprehension. Socialism is not about redistribution of wealth from the working class to the rich. Socialism is not about private industry continuing to exist but being controlled by the bourgeois state-that is the OPPOSITE of socialism: fascism.
Socialism is the collective ownership of the means of production by the working class. What we are witnessing right now is the unfolding of state-capitalism, a corruption of socialism employed by fascist countries such as Mussolini’s Italy, Nazi Germany and to a certain extent Imperial Japan of the 1940s. Under state-capitalism, many aspects of the economy are nationalized, but the same people retain control, and the profit motive remains. The police forces of the nation start resorting to obvious intimidation of workers who are trying to organize for better wages, as well as other dissidents. While there are many different ways that state-capitalism, sometimes known as “economic fascism,” is implemented, its characteristics remain obvious: the first industry to be partially nationalized is the banking industry, which we saw with the $700 billion bailout earlier this fall. Not only was that bill an enormous giveaway, it also gave Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson unprecedented control over the economy. It also partially nationalized the banks.

The next industry to be partially nationalized under economic fascism is the auto industry, and pretty much any other industry dependent on the automobile manufacturing. In the 1930’s, the national government of Germany created the Volkswagen brand and partially nationalized Berlin Motor Works (BMW) as well as Mercedes-Benz. It appears that the auto companies’ CEOs will not get their wishes of a big bailout with partial federal ownership, not yet, anyway. Barack Obama has stated that he supports the government giving these fools money and “buying” a large stake in the Big Three.

Obama’s Hand

We can only expect more of the same until workers unite as a class they way the bourgeoisie has. Voting won’t help out the situation, since those candidates are bourgeoisie themselves, and rely on the donations of huge companies and rich capitalists in order to get power. People have been portraying Barack Obama as a grassroots leftist who will change the world, but his support for the bailouts, his pick for Federal Reserve Chairman (the father of “Reaganomics” – Paul Volcker) is just further prove that Obama will leave this country very much like the way he found it. That’s the job of the President in a bourgeoisie government-keeping things just the same. The most the president will do is make a few reforms to the current system, but not fundamentally alter or abolish it. Obama is going to play by the same rules. He has already announced that he is going to keep Robert Gates, Bush’s pro-waterboarding Defense Secretary, and that he will expand Bush’s Faith-Based Initiatives. I have loosely followed Barack Obama’s political career since he was elected to the Illinois State Senate, and he is a center-right politician.

If the working class is to have any hopes of resisting this, and making any real changes in the world, we can’t sit back and wait for politicians that aren’t working in our best interests. It’s up to us to change the world by organizing and working for socialism-REAL socialism.

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