May 1 Manifesto: Let’s unite the struggles for wages to the fight for social revolution

By the CIPOML Coordinating Committee

The International Conference of Marxist-Leninist Parties and Organizations (CIPOML) greets the workers all over the world on the occasion of May Day, emblematic date that symbolizes the struggle waged by the international proletariat against capitalist exploitation, to conquer their social emancipation, for revolution and socialism.

This commemoration takes place in the context of a convulsed world, in which it is foreseen that a new economic crisis of capitalism is on its way. As has happened in previous crises, it will lead millions of workers to unemployment, will provoke the decrease of wages, the increase of poverty, migration and other problems for the working classes; but, also, it will be a reason for the States of the most developed imperialist and capitalist countries to implement bailout programs for the big industrial and financial monopolies that “present economic difficulties,” as they are already doing with regard to the banking crisis that, a few weeks ago, sank several banks in the United States, Germany and Switzerland.

Workers, peoples and youth are victims of exploitation, oppression and discrimination. That is why they fight against the anti-people policies applied by the governments of the respective countries, oriented to favor the interests of the big bourgeoisie and the international monopoly capital. Right now, the world is witnessing the rise of the struggle of the masses for their demands and rights, in which workers and youth play leading roles. Europe has become the epicenter of this class confrontation, within the most developed imperialist and capitalist countries, the working class raises its voice with energy, defends social security and its rights and demands urgent changes; but the struggle of workers, youth and women of the popular sectors is present in all continents. The rise of the struggle of workers and peoples worldwide shows that the contradiction that confronts the working class and the bourgeoisie, labor and capital is gaining intensity.

We live in a world conditioned by the ups and downs of the confrontation between the imperialist powers and their blocs and economic and military pacts. The inter-imperialist war in Ukraine is an expression of this, but it is not its only manifestation. There are ongoing localized armed conflicts in other countries, trade wars, military apparatuses and armies are being strengthened, there are disputes for the economic and political control of the entire planet. Inter-imperialist struggles, particularly that between the United States and China, warn us of the danger of a world conflagration.

The peoples cannot take sides with one or another imperialist power, with one or another economic and political alliance of the capitalist states because they all represent the interests of the big international monopolies, of imperialist finance capital. Therefore, we reiterate our condemnation of the inter-imperialist war that is unfolding in Ukraine, we raise the banners of peace, which means fighting in defense of the life of the workers and the peoples and maintaining a just anti-imperialist position.

The CIPOML expresses its solidarity with the workers and peoples victims of the aggression of foreign powers, particularly we express our voice of encouragement to the Palestinian people who for decades have been fighting for the right to live in peace in the territory that belongs to them and to constitute themselves as an autonomous and sovereign State; we condemn at the same time the criminal policy of the regime of Benjamin Netanyahu, head of the Zionist State of Israel.

What is happening in the world today, as a result of the aggravation of problems and phenomena that are characteristic of the capitalist system, confirms once again that this regime has nothing good to offer to the workers, the youth and the peoples. This is a regime of exploitation of the workers and opulence for the bourgeoisie; it is a system that lives in war against the peoples, to protect the paradise in which big capital reproduces itself.

The workers cannot continue to be subjected to the domination and exploitation of capital. The struggle for the immediate demands and the political rights of the workers and the people are unrenounceable, they are fundamental for their own subsistence, but it is insufficient to achieve social emancipation. The CIPOML calls on the workers of the world to unite the struggles for wages, for stability, for social security, for land, for water and for the many other problems that afflict us, to the struggle to overthrow this system of exploitation, to put an end to the domination of big capital, to the struggle to seize power, for the triumph of the social revolution and socialism.

Only the proletarian revolution will put an end to capitalist exploitation!

Only workers’ power will emancipate all humanity!

International Conference of Marxist-Leninist Parties and Organizations (CIPOML)
Coordinating Committee
May 1, 2023

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