Nazi homeschooling in Ohio

School children at a “Reich founding celebration,” Germany, 1934. (Photo: Bundesarchiv, Bild 183-2007-0329-501 / CC-BY-SA 3.0)

By Robin H. and June Vass, Red Phoenix correspondents.

Last month, CNN reported that the Ohio Department of Education was investigating an online homeschool network that was promoting “a white supremacist curriculum.” This network, Dissident-Homeschool, shares their curriculum in a group that they host on the online platform, Telegram.

The story broke when the Anonymous Comrades Collective, which operates with the goal of “exposing Nazis, racists, and fascists,” published an article to expose Dissident-Homeschool in late January. Dissident-Homeschool is an online channel run by two self-described National Socialists, Logan and Katja Lawrence, which provides pro-Nazi homeschool curriculum. These two individuals also encourage parents to indoctrinate their children into Nazi ideology, to isolate their children from opposing views, and to connect and meet with other like-minded families by hosting and attending “pool parties” — a term borrowed from the National Justice Party to describe secretive meetups for white nationalists.

Not only does Katja Lawrence share contact information for The Right Stuff, the organization that founded the NJP, but the party itself has posted updates to the group. According to the Anti Defamation League, the National Justice Party supports the murderer Kyle Rittenhouse, upholds white supremacist beliefs such as the “Great Replacement” theory, and claims that Jews are responsible for the problems of the United States. The aforementioned “theory” has inspired terror attacks including the Christchurch shooting, the Buffalo shooting, and the Tree of Life Massacre

The investigation into Dissident-Homeschool conducted by the Ohio Department of Education found that no rules or laws were broken according to the state’s standards for homeschooling.

In light of the issues of homeschooling and of child indoctrination by dangerous reactionaries, the working people of the United States must demand reforms to improve the quality and accessibility of education and the removal of elements of prejudice and racism. It is our duty to establish more thorough standards for homeschooling, to increase funding for education at the federal level, and to provide avenues for teachers, students, and families to voice their needs and concerns regarding curricula and policies. These structural reforms can serve as a step toward high quality socialized education, not only for the sake of younger generations but for the safety of all Americans who are endangered by the ignorance that breeds fascist violence.

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