Declaration of the IX Plenum of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Colombia (M-L)

By the Central Organ of the Marxist-Leninist Communist Party of Ecuador (PCMLE). En Marcha #2035, February 1-7, 2023.

At the beginning of January of this year, in the supplement of the newspaper “Revolución,” central organ of the Communist Party of Colombia (Marxist-Leninist), the IX Plenum of the Central Committee published a communiqué through which it exposes and analyzes the situation that our fraternal country of Colombia is experiencing, where the people remain attentive to what the government of Gustavo Petro is or is not doing.

In the aforementioned declaration, the Colombian comrades, in the light of Marxist-Leninist principles, make an in-depth analysis of the expectations created by the Petro government. As we know, it won in last year’s elections and has now formed a “Parliamentary Caucus of the Historic Pact that must act in favor of its social bases, in order to further link it with the feelings of the people by helping to organize their mobilization. It is a Caucus that must not limit itself to administration from above and parliamentary maneuvers. To advance towards peace with social justice, there is a popular expectation for certain steps against paramilitarism as a living manifestation of the counterinsurgency strategy of state terrorism and the fascist practices of economic sectors such as the mining-energy sector, the agrarian oligarchy and the bourgeoisie linked to drug trafficking. Paramilitarism is a State policy that constitutes a great obstacle on the road to peace with social justice and the winning of political freedoms, and it must be dismantled.”

The manifesto, entitled “The People: True Determinators of Change,” emphasizes: “Within the framework of advances by the left and other forces fighting for democracy for the people, in Colombia a new situation has been formed by the popular majorities as true determinants of change. Many factors are favorable for the winning of economic, social and political transformations. In this context, the toasts for 2023 revolved around expectations in the action of the government of Gustavo Petro to curb the accelerated growth of the cost of the family basket and deactivate alarms towards the loss of purchasing power of the people. These as very sensitive factors intertwined with complaints about growing insecurity in the streets.”

Further on it states: “On this continent, popular actions are continuing that are not limited to reaching out to the government; they are fighting to win power with insurrectionary tactics in order to destroy capitalist institutionality.

“The winning of a democratic government in Colombia has gained spaces of unity in Latin America and the Caribbean among the peoples and States such as UNASUR, CELAC and ALBA, giving respite to Venezuela and Cuba by reestablishing diplomatic relations that Uribismo broke or diverted to anti-democracy.

“These advances have stimulated internationalist solidarity in the Caribbean with the Haitian people, who are experiencing another phase of imperialist aggression, and support for the struggle for the independence of Puerto Rico, actions to reject Yankee interference in Nicaragua and against the blockades of Cuba and Venezuela. These are connected with the banners of independence of the Arab peoples in Palestine and Western Sahara.”

In the final part of the Declaration, the Colombian ML comrades state that: “The Historical Pact could become a tool of this class alliance or remain a scaffolding of political organizations that could escalate in the current regime and not overthrow it. The various aspects of the unity of political action for the mobilization towards the winning of precise programmatic objectives are instruments to join forces with a view to the winning of people’s power.”

The Declaration ends with the slogan: “By Fighting United We Will Win!” — a cry that the Ecuadorian communists fully share.

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