Brazil: People take to the streets against fascist vandalism

Demonstration in Rio for the arrest for Bolsonaro and his gang. Photo: @brunafrey

By Felipe Annunziata, Rio Newsroom, via A Verdade.

Thousands of people mobilize in Brazil and abroad against fascist vandalism. Protesters called for the arrest of Bolsonaro and his accomplices and are against the return of the Military Dictatorship in the country.

BRAZIL – Throughout the second day (January 9), thousands of people demonstrated against the coup events in Brasilia that occurred the day before. Dozens of state capitals and inland cities have recorded events that have also been replicated in at least 6 countries in Europe and North America.

The mobilization was called by social movements, trade unions and left-wing political parties. Demonstrators everywhere called for punishment for the coup vandals and stood against the return of military dictatorship to Brazil.

In São Paulo, thousands gathered at the Art Museum against coup-ism. Photo: Thiago Salvador

In Rio, the event took place in Cinelândia, a historic place of resistance to the Fascist Military Dictatorship (1964-1985), and more than 10,000 people gathered on a day of heavy rain and flooding in the state capital. In São Paulo, the demonstration took place on Ave. Paulista and tens of thousands of people from social movements, parties and organized supporters of all kinds gathered.

There were also significant demonstrations in Belo Horizonte, Porto Alegre, Salvador, Manaus and Maceió. In all cities the demand for punishment of the fascists was unanimous, the people on the street openly stand against any kind of conciliation with vandals and criminals coup-makers.

The federal capital also registered an important anti-fascist event. Meanwhile, last night (January 9) and this morning (January 10), the House of Representatives and the Senate endorsed the decree of federal intervention in the Federal District issued by President Lula. The national president of UP [Popular Unity], Leonardo Pericles, stated at the event in Belo Horizonte, “it is necessary to cut the evil at the root, arresting Bolsonaro, his accomplices, the reactionary generals and the big fascist businessmen.”

In Salvador, thousands of people marched against Bolsonaro’s coup-attempt. Photo: Isabella Tanajuda/Jornal A Verdade
In Porto Alegre, tens of thousands of people marched under the cry of “Military Dictatorship never again!” Photo: @cunhaanselmo/@thalesrenato/@joanaberwanger

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