Editorial: On “Patriotic Socialism” and “MAGA Communism”

“The dialectics of history were such that the theoretical victory of Marxism compelled its enemies to disguise themselves as Marxists.” -V.I. Lenin, “The Historical Destiny of the Doctrine of Karl Marx.”

By: Alfonso Casal, National Spokesperson of the American Party of Labor

From its origins in the 19th century, the working class and socialist movements have faced elements that have striven to derail it from within; elements that, either directly at the behest of the ruling class or seeking personal wealth and status, have tried to neutralize the liberatory and revolutionary message of our movement or redirect the fury and anger of the exploited and the oppressed into channels that serve the interests of the capitalists.  In recent months, this long-established trend has taken a new and repulsive form, “Patriotic Socialism” and “MAGA Communism.”

This latest version of corruption and betrayal has adopted the slogans, positions, and aspirations of Trumpite Fascism, parroting Alt-Right talking points and conspiracy theories.  In some cases, even explicitly rejecting “Leftism,” endorsing racism and antisemitism, promoting religious obscurantism, defaming the science of Marxism Leninism, and abandoning the most oppressed and marginalized members of the working class to the tender mercies of Christian Nationalists and assorted reactionary filth.

The American Party of Labor resolutely and emphatically condemns these traitors, con-men, provocateurs, and crypto-fascists.

The American Party of Labor proudly and unapologetically stands for revolutionary social change.  We take our stance with science and reason in the face of irrationalism and fanaticism.  We stand opposed to all reaction and all that is backward and outdated.  We stand with the working class, the exploited, the oppressed, and the marginalized or all races, nationalities, and genders in the struggle for complete and total liberation and equality. We defend all sections of the working people from the chauvinist, parasitic, and cannibalistic forces of society who seek to subjugate and exploit them. While “Patriotic Socialism” and “MAGA Communism” serve the most backward and authoritarian elements of the ruling class, we, defenders of all working class people, claim our place in the great tradition of human liberation and equality, the tradition of 1789 and 1917.

We call for the unmasking and the driving out from our movement of all hidden reactionaries, sell-outs, opportunists, collaborators, grifters, and fascist bootlickers.

Long live the multi-racial, multi-ethnic, multi-gender, international working class!

Long live the revolutionary struggle of the oppressed!

Down with all fascists and fascist enablers!

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