American Party of Labor: We Reject Biden and Putin’s War

“It is the duty of the socialists of every country to wage an unrelenting struggle against the chauvinism and patriotism of their own country (and not only of the enemy).”

Vladimir Lenin

From the Secretariat of the American Party of Labor

Immediately following the final dissolution of the Soviet Union, US imperialism and its pundits went into a frenzied victory dance, loudly announcing a New World Order that signaled the “end of history” and the emergence of a unipolar world headed by the United States and its allies.  However, the celebration was short lived as, following a period of instability in the 1990s, a new imperialist power emerged as a regional contender against the United States, Putinite Russia.

Let there be no mistake:  US imperialism is the foremost enemy of the peoples of the world.  However, this must not blind us to the aggressive intent and actions of Putin’s aspiring imperial regime.  Putin’s Russia is not part of an “axis of resistance” to US imperialism, as some have termed it.  It is a capitalist/imperialist state that fully intends to stake out its claim as a world power, whether in opposition to US imperialism or in partial partnership with it, as evidenced during the years of the Trump administration.

The rivalry between US and Russian imperialism has escalated to the point of possible armed conflict between the two, as each is championing their chosen proxies in Eastern Europe, with the United States supporting the Ukrainian government and Russia throwing its weight behind the breakaway regions of Donetsk and Lugansk.

The years of saber-rattling, posturing, and covert actions on the part of both imperialist states has now reached the breaking point.  Both powers are at the brink of war.

The American Party of Labor firmly and emphatically rejects the war moves of both Biden and Putin.  We are not deceived by Biden’s hypocrisy and sanctimony.  Neither are we taken in by Putin’s chauvinistic claims that Ukraine is “historically Russian land.” 

We call on the peoples of Ukraine, Russia, and the United States to resist the warmongers with every sinew of their strength.  We demand the immediate withdrawal of all troops from the region, an end to threats and sanctions, and a political solution to the Ukraine crisis on the basis of the Leninist principle of self-determination for all peoples; a self-determination free of all imperialist pressure, blackmail, extortion, and subterfuge. 

The imperialists in Washington and Moscow care nothing for the Ukrainian people, they care only for their own power and profits—power and profits which they seek to gain with the blood of the peoples of the region and the world.




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