Marxist-Leninist Communist Party of Venezuela: The Capitalist Crisis, the Virus, and the Class Struggle

The intensity of the media action, as well as the real expansion of the coronavirus, have served to
conceal the presence of the much announced new economic crisis of capitalism that, once again,
combines the general crisis with a new cyclical crisis in a single framework that will surely lead
to depression, more wars and revolutions.

For almost two years, many economists have predicted the current crisis, which we affirm is not
the product of any virus; it is the natural consequence of the development of capitalism and its
periodic expression, at the same level as the phase of recovery and boom.

In the framework of such difficult scenarios that threaten the stability and lives of millions of
people, without work, without income, without health care or social security, there are two
options for the exploited: to work to overthrow the capitalist governments by fighting for
people’s democracy and socialism, or to bow their head and stoically accept the reality of
exploitation and death under the yoke of the bourgeois with their murderous policies, where it is
more important to save the capitalist economic system than the lives of thousands of people
The masters of capital place themselves in the safely of private islands and bunkers and activate
all the mechanisms of their high-tech private health-care system, while the proletariat is exposed
to certain death for thousands, since it does not have the money to eat, to take preventive
measures, and even less to pay for adequate health care to face a pandemic that maybe a product
of the genetic manipulation of microorganisms in the laboratories of the imperialist powers, as
well as the lack of correct measures to prevent its spread.

The living conditions of the popular majorities are worsened by the existence of privatized,
exclusive and bourgeois health-care systems that leave out those who do cannot pay high
premiums to the financial monopolies and insurance companies. In the same way, low wages and
shortages of food and medicines, have terrible consequences for the workers, who are the most
affected worldwide.

In some countries where governments have privileged industry, tourism, and commerce to
guarantee the capitalist productive apparatus; the number of people infected and killed by Covid-
19 has risen, while in others, where there has been a more rational policy, even in the capitalist
framework; better control has been possible, even if their class commitment does not break with
the private health-care, food and transportation system in order to expropriate them and place
them free of charge at the service of the majority. This shows that despite greater flexibility and
social commitment of some governments, reformism falls short before the demands of a society
attacked by a complex pandemic and an economic crisis of great magnitude.
It is important to state that the imperialist mafia that controls the US government. and other
countries are taking advantage of the situation to strike the proletariat while threatening other
peoples. This is the case of Venezuela, a country that, in addition to fighting against years of

imperialist aggression by the US-EU bloc, is now affected by the coronavirus, and to complete
the picture of harsh conditions, it is threatened with direct military aggression by the government
of Donald Trump

Under these conditions of struggle against imperialism and for the defense of the self-
determination of the peoples, we of the CC of the PCMLV call on the democratic fighters and
revolutionaries of the world to be alert to the latest threats wielded by the chieftains of

Our party, together with the Marxist-Leninists and the most conscious elements of society, are
determined to defend our sovereignty under whatever conditions necessary, for which we once
again appreciate the active solidarity with this people who
In these complex times we reaffirm the effort of our party and its organizations to consolidate its
link with the oppressed majorities, assessing as correct, for this purpose, the policy of critical
support with our own demands, defined and applied in the midst of the dialectical nature of the
struggle .

Today more than ever, it is an internationalist task of the first order to confront with all possible
forces the common enemy of humanity, imperialism and the main danger expressed in the US-
EU imperialist bloc. Therefore, we have tried to contribute to this, bearing in mind the political
level that the people have shown.

The intention demonstrated by the organized sector of the popular masses to defend their
sovereignty and confront this new situation of aggression, creating adequate spaces to meet
specific needs, is a basis for our daily work.There, under these conditions, we Marxist-Leninists
are working, trying to take advantage of all the resources to promote revolutionary education
and action. This has been accompanied by signs of active solidarity with a people who are
resisting and fighting in very particular conditions of imperialist aggression.

Every day our party is more aware that only the working class and the peasantry have the will to
fight to the end and in any scenario. That is why in the real, specific conditions of Venezuela we
are working to accumulate forces, facing the multiple aggressions in progress, together with the
people, recognizing the need to defend the right to self-determination within the framework of
the concrete struggle. We are acting patiently and systematically to raise the consciousness of the
masses until coming, through concrete experience and analysis, to understand the inconsistencies
of social democracy and modern revisionism. They will not be able to take up the irreconcilable
character of the class struggle at the national and international level.

In the Venezuela of today, with great obstacles and various limitations, we are advancing,
maintaining our activity in the effort of all our members and allies. We are always ready to
maintain our activity in a complex environment of blockade, economic crisis, threats of
aggression, presence of mercenaries, quarantine. We are making efforts to consolidate our
presence in every region of our country, in the various labor sectors, mainly among the
proletariat and the revolutionary strata, as well as among the consistent fighters worldwide.

The Marxist-Leninist leadership of Venezuela affirms its willingness to fight as well as the duty
to carry the transformative commitment to the end.

The threats of aggression will be faced decisively so that the people who resist and fight will
place themselves at the head of the broad masses, raising the red flags with the hammer and
sickle that advances in the process of educating and educating itself despite material limitations,
without ever losing the reflex to lead the advance towards socialism, promoting the application
of true revolutionary measures and demonstrating its capabilities in the midst of a harsh reality.
Socialism Can Only Be Built with the Worker-Peasant Alliance in Power and the People in

CC of the PCMLV
Venezuela, April 2020

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