2020 International Antifascist Youth Camp

From 31st of July to 9th of August we will meet in Berlin as young people from all over the world to discuss our hopes, experiences and future. Together we aim to strengthen the public voice against a political system that favours war, rearmament, racism, fascism, environmental destruction, poverty and exploitation.

We are going through a time where attacks on workers’ living standards and the poor are escalating, the gap between the rich and poor is increasing, and millions of people are forced to live without access to basic necessities, including jobs, health care and educational opportunities.

The economic and political conflicts among the world powers are deepening, the danger of a new war over the geo-political division of the world is growing every day, and state spending on weapons and militarisation are constantly increasing.

In many countries around the world, racist-fascist parties have come to power. Racist movements around the world are being promoted to crush the workers and young people’s struggle for a better future. Democratic rights such as the right to demonstrate and to organise as well as the freedom of thought are being restricted in all countries.

The world’s natural environment and resources are being destroyed and exploited by multinational corporations that are irreversibly destroying our living environments for future generations.

More than 70 million people have become refugees as a result of war waging imperialist countries and their collaborators, and are often also abandoned in the Mediterranean as part of a policy of clamping down on immigration


Young people from around the world are standing up against this system, which is destroying the lives of billions of people and destroying the future of the next generation.

We believe that a world without oppression, exploitation and war is possible, where people can live equally and in unity.

We want the resources allocated to armaments to be redirected to public services, such as education, health and transport. We also want countries with soldiers stationed all over the world to withdraw immediately.

Companies that destroy the environment must stop their operation and the costs of environmental destruction must be passed on to owners of capital, not workers. Racist-fascist institutions and organisations have to be dissolved and all laws restricting democratic rights abolished.

We believe that the people of the world are one without distinction between religion, language and origin. We believe that by uniting and building solidarity we can create a world in which everyone can live without fear for the the future.

And so we invite you to join us at our youth camp, where we will discuss how we can struggle against these issues created by capitalism. Let us strengthen the fraternity and solidarity between young people across the world.

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