American Workers Have No Fight With Iranian Workers, No Blood For Trump’s Posturing!

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Recent demonstrations outside the US Embassy in Iraq, 2019.

In the late hours of January 2nd, news broke that the US had executed an unsanctioned murder of leading Irani military figure Qassim Soleimani by drone bombing. It comes only days after a protest shattered windows at the US embassy in Iraq, a protest itself in response to a US airstrike in Iraq against the Popular Mobilization Forces, the second largest group in the Iraqi Parliament, which the Iraqi government saw as a violation of Iraqi sovereignty.  In the aftermath of the embassy protest, Trump claimed it would be his “anti-Benghazi,” and  with the murder of Soleimani it has become a chance for Trump to dangle death and war for his nationalist base.

The Trump Administration is attempting to use the mobilization of popular forces among the Iraqi citizenry as an excuse to go into Iran with a full-blown war machine just as  9/11 was used as justification for the occupation of Iraq. Now as the Iraqi population begins to mobilize against the brutal imperialist occupation of their own country, the Trump administration sees an excuse to blame and attack Iran, beginning already with a strike killing Soleimani, a ranking Iranian general in the Revolutionary Guard.  

In such circumstances, many in the US are quick to forget the Iranian people, and many liberals and social democrats have already painted the specter of war as a budgetary threat, a distraction from impeachment, or a threat to American military lives. Let us be clear: we will not play the game of “Soleimani was a murderer, but this will be bad for America,” as democratic candidate Elizabeth Warren did in the immediate aftermath of the assassination. This is the logic that led to the liberal-sanctioned destruction Libya, the rise of ISIS, and the murder of over 100,000 Iraqi civilians. As it has always been, the rich will talk, secure their interests, and the poor will die. An imperialist invasion of Iran will be to the ruin of the Iranian people, who will feel the full fury of the American military industrial complex. This must be our first concern as internationalists and working class people. The destruction of Iraq, Afghanistan, and Libya, and the empowerment of Islamic Fundamentalist forces that followed the wake of the American interventions there, stands as a dreadful example—and underlines the urgent need for all left forces in the United States to resuscitate and embolden the anti-war movement to stop once and for all the internationally malignant American military-industrial complex.

But, of course, as American working class people and activists, we should not disregard the domestic implications of this brazen assassination. It is the latest attempt by the Trump administration to place the beating heart of american political life outside the lives of actual Americans. While the opioid crisis deepens, health insurance premiums increase, workers increasingly require more than one job with stagnant wages to afford skyrocketing rent, communities of color suffer under increasingly militarized and uncountable police bodies, the rich get wealthier via tax breaks while the poor pay more, and fascist violence scars and divides the country, Trump murders and saber rattles a foreign power to avoid “another benghazi” and “losing face”  among his base. We have been presented with yet another scapegoat for economic and national stagnation. It is time that the 19% of Americans, predominantly wealthy, old, and white, who voted for Donald Trump, stop dictating the future and world of American workers struggling to pay for shelter, healthcare, food, and education.

The American Party of Labor stands opposed to imperialist intervention in Iran, the region, and the world. When the time comes for the reactionary government of Iran to fall it must not be from imperialist bombs but the will of the Iranian people.

The American Party of Labor stands opposed to the continued imperialist occupation of Iraq and the imperialist suppression of Iraqi popular forces mobilizing against it.

All power to the people of Iran!

All power to the people of Iraq! 

All power to the people against imperialist aggression! 

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