Statement of the American Party of Labor on the Attempted US-Backed Coup in Venezuela

Venezuelan masses rally in support of the Maduro government.











Today, in what can be seen as only the latest in a centuries long practice of destabilizing progressive and democratic regimes in Latin America, the United States sponsored an attempted coup in Venezuela.  This morning, right-wing opposition leader and self-proclaimed “President” of Venezuela, Juan Guaido called for a rising against the democratically elected government of incumbent President Nicolas Maduro.  This attempted rising enjoyed the full support and encouragement of US President Donald Trump and his administration.  From the early years of the last century to the present day, coups by ‘proxy’ are a well-established strategy in the US imperialist playbook; and the hand of the US government in this most recent example is plain for all to see.

Although there was some reported street fighting, it appears that the bulk of the Venezuelan military remained loyal to President Maduro’s Bolivarian government.  By 9:00 pm (EDT) this evening, President Maduro announced that the coup attempt had been quelled.

The American Party of Labor, condemns, in the most emphatic terms, any attempt on the part of the US to interfere in the internal affairs of Venezuela.  Moreover, we offer our unqualified support to the revolutionary masses of the Venezuelan people, and urge that the government of President Maduro take any and all measures it deems necessary to protect the independence and national sovereignty of Venezuela, and defend the gains of the Bolivarian Revolution.

Long live Revolutionary Venezuela!

US Imperialism, Hands off Venezuela!

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