Statement of the Marxist-Leninist Communist Party of Ecuador on the Julian Assange Affair

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To the workers, youth and peoples of Ecuador, to public opinion:

The case of Julian Assange reveals another element of the real nature of the regime of Lenin Moreno, of total submission, of open and covert agreements with the imperialist circles of powers such as Great Britain and the United States, trampling on national sovereignty, human rights and the right of diplomatic asylum for the politically persecuted, and of retaliation against those who oppose government policy.

Indeed, the government has willingly authorized the British police to enter the Ecuadorian Embassy in London to arrest Julian Assange, an Australian hacker who remained in political asylum in the embassy of our country. It is worth remembering that Assange, through his computer portal, published hundreds of messages, communications and emails showing how the United States mainly exerted pressure, plots and diplomatic blackmail to sustain its hegemonic political domination worldwide; that is why he is suffering persecution and serious threats to his life.

Handing over the defenseless hacker to the imperialist authorities effectively violates human rights, the right of asylum, which the government now conceals with the fact that the Australian had breached the protocols, at times when he showed that President Moreno and his family are involved in shady businesses that have been criticized in the country by various sectors of public opinion.

No doubt the government is “rid of a big problem,” as the president stated, yielding meekly to the pressures of the powers, through agreements some of which have been publicly known and others concealed, which show the true nature of this regime.

Rafael Correa immediately sought to make use of the episode to cover his tracks, hypocritically assuming the supposed defense of principles and rights that were grossly violated and trampled upon in his decade-old government. The head of the corrupt Correa mafia does not have either the moral or politic stature to appear as the defender of the freedoms and rights which his government attacked.

We, the workers, youth and peoples of Ecuador should better understand through these facts the nature of this government, which is more clearly seen at the service of imperialist interests. We must continue to deepen our unity and organization in order to denounce it and fight it for its anti-popular and anti-national measures.

Marxist-Leninist Communist Party of Ecuador

April 13, 2019

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