Reportback: We Won’t Allow Fascists in Philadelphia


The counter demonstration against pro-police fascists in Philadelphia, August 25th.

On August 25th, members of the Alt Right held a “Blue Lives Matter” march in Philadelphia, continuing their long-running campaign to make inroads in Philadelphia.

This, like many similar events across the country, is a pathetic attempt to make fascism seem more “palatable” to the broader masses. They want to show that they are just simply concerned with law and order, and that they are good citizens. We see through their attempts at seeming civil. Any attempt by these dirtbags to assemble in public must be shut down. There is no place for people who celebrate police brutality and fascism in our streets.

This event is the most recent in a long line of slaps in the face to those most vulnerable people in Philadelphia to police violence. The memory of that fascist, Frank Rizzo, is still alive and vigorously defended in this city. Frank Rizzo played a significant role in turning Philadelphia into a police state which has brutalized countless people, and the far-right elements in the city will continue to strengthen and defend this legacy unless we take an active role in stopping them.

My comrades and I thus masked up to shut down their little rally. The police responded by protecting these fascists and eagerly brutalizing my friends without provocation. Several of my friends were beaten with batons and one of them had a finger shoved two knuckles deep into their nose. They threw us in a jail cell for 13 hours, where we sang “Solidarity Forever” together, before being released without charges due to a clerical error on their part. If the police think they can intimate us, they’re wrong. The streets of Philadelphia belong to the people, and we will continue our fight against the fascist dog whistle of “pro-police” advocacy at any cost.

No Platform for Fascists!

Community Control of Police Now!

¡No Pasarán!

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