Service to the People Official Program

In order to clearly establish the plan of action regarding the Service to the People program of New Brunswick, and to make it available to its participants and to the general public, this document shall hereby represent the program of Service to the People. This program is a beginning step in furthering the objective of building socialism in the United States of America.

1. To create a means of support for the most impoverished and oppressed members of our community. This is always including, but not limited to, the collection and distribution of food and survival resources to any and all working class members, employed and unemployed, of the community.

2. To create a self-perpetuating People’s Assembly of community members that serves as an executive body for a wide range of community projects and activities, in the interests of the working class.

3. To oppose the gentrification of the community.

4. To provide educational services to all members of the community, especially on matters of civil rights and class struggle against capitalism.

5. To create a physical base of operations in the community, which will serve to centralize the operations of the Service to the People program, as well as other community organizations with working class interests. The use of this location shall be for the housing of homeless community members, the centralization of community aid resources, including educational materials, and the protection of community members from threatening elements including but not limited to: immigration enforcement, abusive individuals or groups, and fascist elements.

6. The Service to the People program shall encourage the performance and sharing of working class art, the creation of community gatherings, and any other means of enhancing culture, unity, and solidarity among all working class members of the community.

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