No Dakota Access Pipeline! Victory to Standing Rock!


Standing Rock, North Dakota is currently the sight of the largest protest by indigenous Americans in the history of U.S. colonialism, with over 90 First Nations represented at the Standing Rock camps, supported by over a hundred more.

Over ten thousand indigenous people and supporters are defending the ancestral lands of the Standing Rock Sioux from Dakota Access LLC and its plans to illegally construct a 1,172 mile-long pipeline to connect oil production zones in North Dakota and Illinois in clear violation of tribal treaties and tribal sovereignty.

Using the front “Dakota Access LLC”, the monopoly “Energy Transfer Partners” has already committed a series of appalling actions against the protectors of Standing Rock including the destruction of ancestral burial markers, the use of violence from mercenaries, State Security Forces and attack dogs, and a vicious propaganda campaign designed to intimidate and discredit the First Nations’ camps by widely circulating false allegations, such as the fabricated story of “pipe bombs” being manufactured at indigenous camps’.

Just as capitalism’s mutation into monopoly capitalism and imperialism is inevitable, so too is the collapse of U.S. imperialism under the broad united front of nations struggling for self-determination, bound together with the movement for democracy and socialism.

Let it stand recorded that the American Party of Labor:

– Demands No Dakota Access Pipeline! We send unconditional solidarity to the protectors of Standing Rock and fully support their actions against the Dakota Access Pipeline, Dakota Access LLC, Energy Transfer Partners, their mercenaries and police forces.

– We condemn the ongoing genocidal attack on the indigenous people that started with colonization in 1492, and support beginning a process of reparation by the American state to the First Nations’ peoples to atone for the crimes of genocide and colonialism.

– We condemn the imperialist policies of the United States, seizing indigenous lands in order to hand it over to private monopolies for colonization under the guise of “development.”

– We condemn the Dakota Access Pipeline being built through sacred and ancestral lands of the Standing Rock Sioux.

– We condemn the attacks on peaceful anti-pipeline camps by U.S. police forces and mercenaries in the employ of Dakota Access LLC.

– We condemn the American capitalists’ pursuit of profit over human livelihood, the preservation of sacred land of the First Nations, and the water supply of many communities between the Ogallala aquifer and Mississippi River.

– We demand that the attacks, fear mongering and intimidation on anti-pipeline camps cease at once.

– We demand the immediate halt of the Dakota Access Pipeline project, and that Dakota Access LLC’s permits for construction are revoked in order to comply with treaty law and honor tribal sovereignty.

– We demand the full rights of self-determination for all First Nations peoples, including the return of lands occupied by the U.S. imperialists.

– We condemn the United States for its ongoing violation of tribal treaties and demand that the legal and human rights of indigenous peoples be fully respected and honored by the American state.

Furthermore, our Party directs that all its supporters not currently involved in the defense of Sanding Rock lend their solidarity to the Red Warrior camps through organizing solidarity actions in their cities, supporting the defense on-site or through direct donations to


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