Statement of the Labour Party of Turkey (EMEP) on the Shooting Down of a Russian Warplane by Turkey


Imperialists should withdraw from the area!

A Russian warplane was shot down within Syrian borders by Turkey near Antakya-Yayladağı. The President and government representatives have claimed that the Russian warplane had breached Turkish borders for 17 seconds and that the Russians were bombing the Bayırbucak Turkmens in the area.

It is clear that the reason for Turkey to shoot down the Russian plane is not sensitivity about Bayırbucak Turkmens. The AKP government did not even move a finger when the Turkmens were massacred and their women enslaved by IS not so long ago. The real sensitivity of the AKP government is that the areas vacated after Russian bombing would be filled by Esad and PYD forces. Turkey does not want Esad and PYD forces to take over territory on its Syrian borders, cutting its link to IS, Nusra and Salafi Jihadist forces.

The real reason for the rising Russian-Turkish tension – reaching a peak with the downing of the Russian plane – is the fight to dominate Syria and the region, the fight for imperialist profit.
All imperial powers and the reactionary countries of the region should withdraw from Syria, Iraq and other countries in the region. Foreign military forces should withdraw and all support to Jihadist forces in the region should be stopped.

People of the region have been ruined by the conflicts of imperialist powers and reactionaries. For a quarter century, millions of deaths, the migration of millions, rapes, demolition of towns, decimation of cultural values, hunger and poverty witnessed in the Middle East is brought about by greedy conflicts for profit by imperialists.

Peoples of the world and Turkey who want to help the peoples of the Middle East should raise the banner of struggle against imperialists and their co-conspirators.

Down with imperialists and their coconspirators.
All the imperialists and reactionaries out of the Middle East.

Labour Party (EMEP), Turkey


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