Final Declaration of the 19th International Seminar: Problems of the Revolution in Latin America


19th International Seminar: Problems of the Revolution in Latin America

The Inter-Imperialist Struggles and the Tasks of the Peoples

The world today continues its march plunged in the midst of acute and irresoluble contradictions, which are in different and opposing positions, between those who seek to maintain the status quo due to the enormous benefits that this gives them, and those who are fighting so that things change, totally and definitively, for the benefit of the workers and peoples.

The wealth of the planet and the untold profits that its use and exploitation produce by means of the labor and knowledge developed by humanity, cause those who have appropriated these to carry on permanent disputes and conflicts, in order to be the main beneficiaries in their redivision. This explains the political and even military conflicts that confront the imperialist states, behind which they try to align all the countries and peoples of the world. The wars in the Middle East (Syria, Iran, Iraq, Palestine), Eastern Europe (Ukraine), Asia (Yemen, Pakistan, Afghanistan), Africa (South Sudan, Nigeria, Democratic Republic of the Congo) are manifestations of inter-imperialist contradictions or imperialist aggressions.

At the same time, and against imperialist domination and redivision of spheres of influence, the struggle of the workers and peoples, who resist continuing to be victims of the capitalist-imperialist system which exploits and oppresses them by diverse mechanisms, is developing. Thus we also see a world in which the contradictions between the owners of capital and those who only have their labor power are intensifying, taking the form of the important fights that the workers of the city and countryside, the peasants, youth, indigenous people, black peoples and women in each of our countries, are developing.

Our continent shows these phenomena vividly and clearly. There, a silent war is being waged among the owners of financial capital who are weaving their webs over our countries to increase their dividends. U.S., Chinese, German, Japanese, Russian, British, French, Canadian capital and that of other powers are traversing the American continent to appropriate our natural resources and exploit the labor power of its men, women, youth and even children.

The hegemony that Yankee capital has been exercising in the region in recent decades is feeling the weight of the accelerated growth of Chinese investments, which have had and still have as their main allies the so-called progressive governments, which allowed them to be present in our countries; the monopolies grouped in the European Union are involved in this fight, mainly by promoting the signing of the Free Trade Agreements.

Those who praise the Chinese investments do so in the name of an alleged sovereign and anti-U.S. policy, but they are actually causing a renegotiation of dependency, rather than in any way breaking the networks of foreign control. Finance capital is exploitative by its nature: there is no financial capital that aims at ensuring the development, welfare, much less the freeing of the peoples.

The capitalist-imperialist system is a single one and its dominance covers the whole planet; this is not to deny that one and another power may adopt specific policies based on their interests; they establish agreements and alliances, they form blocs; on the one hand they collude with and on the other confront each other, phenomena that our revolutionary political organizations must keep in mind and understand to provide our activity and struggle.

Years and decades of history confirm that the domination of capital leads to exploitation, oppression, discrimination and the destruction of nature. The liberation of the peoples necessarily demands putting an end to imperialist domination, eliminating the power of the owners of capital. To fight against imperialism, of whatever stripe, against its representatives and lackeys of its economic and political interests in each of the countries, against the native ruling classes are simultaneous tasks that go hand in hand; they are necessary for the triumph of the revolution and the struggle for socialism.

We understand the inescapable need to develop the anti-imperialist consciousness of the workers, the youth and the peoples in general, so that these banners are present in each and every one of their fights. Thus, in fact, an anti-imperialist front of an international character will be forged, indispensable for the triumph of the social revolution in each country and on a world scale.

The challenges that we revolutionaries of Latin America and the world put forward on the road to winning a society of freedom, in which the workers of the city and countryside are the owners and makers of their own destiny, also put forward the need to work for the local and international unity of the peoples and for the unity of the political and social organizations that have the same objectives.

We express our solidarity with the workers, peasants, youth and women, with all those who are fighting for their rights, for bread, justice and freedom. In particular, we express our solidarity with the anti-imperialist struggle of the Kurdish people against the fascist Islamic State; and with the resistance of the Palestinian people.

We are revolutionaries, anti-imperialists and anti-fascists; we are consistent fighters against the domination of the owners of capital and we are in the struggles of the people who have stood up to liberate humanity.

Quito, July 31, 2015

Revolutionary Communist Party, PCR, Argentina

Revolutionary Communist Party, PCR, Brazil

Popular Unity for Socialism, UP, Brazil

Movement for Class Struggle, MLC, Brazil

Union of Rebel Youth, UJR, Brazil

Communist Reconstruction, Canada

Communist Party of Colombia (Marxist-Leninist), PCdeC (ml)

Communist Party of Labor of the Dominican Republic, PCT

Revolutionary Youth of Ecuador, JRE

Popular Front, Ecuador

Women for Change, Ecuador

Marxist-Leninist Communist Party of Ecuador, PCMLE

Trade Union of Independent Workers of Various Trades, STINOVES, El Salvador

Marxist-Leninist Party of Germany, MLPD

Revolutionary Popular Front, Mexico

Communist Party of Mexico (Marxist-Leninist), PCM (ml)

Peruvian Communist Party (Marxist-Leninist), PCPml

Popular Democratic Front of Peru, FEDEP

Union of Student Youth of Peru, UJE

Marxist-Leninist Party of Peru

Caribbean and Latin American Coordinator of Puerto Rico

Communist Party (Bolshevik) of Russia

Communist Party (Bolshevik) of Ukraine

Party of Communists USA

Student Participation Front “Susana Pintos,” Uruguay

Gayones Movement, Venezuela

Marxist-Leninist Communist Party of Venezuela, PCMLV

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