Marxist–Leninist Communist Party of Venezuela: 2014 – A Decisive Year for Venezuela


2014 – A Decisive Year for Venezuela

The year that has just begun suggests a change in the conditions of struggle in Venezuela, changes that have been growing since early 2013 when the bourgeoisie intensified its economic, political and ideological campaign to attract the masses hopelessness and alienation in relation to Bolivarian project.

This intensification of contradictions implies a modification of the methods of struggle, which expresses a new period within the bourgeois democratic stage, caused by the effects of the crisis of capitalism in the Venezuelan economy, illness and death of Chavez and the need to create on the fly a new leadership, a task that fell to Nicolas Maduro, who has had to overcome huge obstacles , used by imperialism to hit the Bolivarian process, intended to weaken and destroy it.

This period in 2014 is likely to have times of great uprisings of the masses of open clashes for 2 reasons: 1 – because there will be elections, which will cause the worsening of the political confrontation is expressed, not in the electoral arena, if not economic and mass struggle with street confrontations, 2 – because economic attack by hoarding, shortages and speculation deepens to create hardship for the people.

It is evident that the government maneuvering is in reality wanting to maintain a balance between the demands of the bourgeoisie and the people, this will be discussed in 3 big stages. 1 – conciliation with the bourgeoisie to advance through the outright reformism with the idea of slowing the economic offensive , 2 – unstable equilibrium based on giving up in other areas and not to radicalize the situation, 3 – the popular revolutionary offensive, led by leftist sectors of the government, or launched by the masses in the face of economic hardship.

We must understand that the right will intensify their offense, which can create high levels of shortages, speculation and uncertainty among the masses. The recipe last year was hoarding products, generating fictitious shortage, for low supply, stimulating nervous purchases and raising prices speculatively. In spite of the doubts the government responded with successful and strong measures. They put on the street the monopolized goods at affordable prices and with great popular support.

Clear on the positive effects of such firm and just government policy, which raised the popular support of the government, the bourgeoisie are now turning to boycott the production. They have collective vacations, have decreased imports and prepared for times of planned scarcity, now more complicated, as it will be without stocks and blaming the government for not providing paperwork to access the dollars that have been used fraudulently.

The intervention measures found companies with empty sheds, no production and no raw materials or inputs, with a foreign trade corporation in the making, with a newly opened exchange rate policy, which in reality has further devalued the Bolívar, with more aggressive media, with workers upset by business closures and people demanding solution to their economic problems on stage can be very complex. We are in presence of a heated atmosphere where the working class and the people must be prepared to participate and direct the action against the class enemy, against the bourgeoisie and imperialism, pushing aside the conciliatory and reformist positions that lead the people to defeat, capitulating to the economic power of the bourgeoisie, power that should be taken away, to put all productive capacities of their private oligopolies to serve the people, to meet their needs.

In this complex situation organization, mobilization and revolutionary energy is required to stop the bourgeois offensive, defeat it in the street, put aside reformism and move forward without hesitation, with an iron hand, to the dictatorship of the proletariat, the period of submission of the conspirators and concentration of all abilities to achieve supplies in all areas of production without the restraint of private selfishness of the bourgeoisie.


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