All Militant Chauvinists Must Depart the Scene

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By G .V. Buyko – Chairman of the Anti-fascist Committee of Ukraine

Ukraine is more and more being taken over by nationalism and Russophobia. This can be understood during this time of economic crisis and the terrible conditions for the life of most of the people of Ukraine – plus the nationalistic policies of the present leadership of Ukraine and the constant squabbles. This requires realistic explanation of the present situation and the causes of this tragedy.

The press from all sides is reporting the great danger of the growth of national chauvinism and fascism in Ukraine. The great tragedy is that this nationalism and fascism is not only being supported by the policies of the present regime of Ukraine, but it is outright supported by the leading leaders of this government.

Leading this nationalism-fascism campaign is the Minister of Culture of Ukraine, Vovkun and the Minister of Education Vakarchuk.

This Minister of Culture (!) calls the Russian language of Pushkin, Tolstoy and Chekhov. “The language of the dogs.”

All across Ukraine there is systematic campaign to demolish all monuments of Soviet history, of leading revolutionaries, of heroes of the Great Patriotic War against fascism. In their place monuments are erected to all traitors of the Ukrainian people as well as to bloody collaborators with the German fascist butchers. The demolition of the monument in Kiev to Stanislav Kosioru, the nationals hero of economic development and achievements as well as culture…this demolition of the monument was promoted as a holiday with all TV cameras rolling.

But he arranged to have a monument erected to Katrina II in Odessa and wants this monument erected in all cities across Ukraine.

This present Minister of Culture has decreed that in all of the Ukrainian libraries the Russian language and Soviet books will be taken out, because these books would remind the Ukrainian people of the glorious past and achievements of the USSR and the defeat of Nazi Germany. So, out of sight and out of mind is his nationalistic-fascist policy for the people of Ukraine.

A question should be asked of the leaders of the USA and NATO, would they allow such “democracy” in their countries or the demolition of monuments and throwing books out of all libraries? If not, how come there is not a word of condemnation about these nationalistic-fascist acts in present day Ukraine? Russian language is the mother tongue of the majority of people living in Ukraine. The present schoolbooks promote nationalism and hatred of anything Russian. The campaign is to promote the bloody traitors like Petlura and Bandera and their cooperation and helping fascist Germany to murder people – and these bloody butchers are promoted to the young generations as Ukrainian heroes.

So is there any wonder that our presentation and demands to the present Minister of Education and Culture are falling on deaf ears!

Why is not Peter Yushenko not being tried for his charge in public that ”Ukraine is now governed by a “Why are the constant Moscow-Jewish-Mafia?” Why are the constant attacks on the Russian speaking population in Lvov not being stopped and the culprits charged and jailed?

The Anti-fascist Committee of Ukraine is very active in demonstrations and demands with slogans like: “Yushenko, pack your bags for America!” The present regime in Ukraine was put in by America, both financially and organizationally during the “orange counterrevolution”. The results of this are now being realized by everyone.

Yushenko, Vovkun and Vakarchuk, as all other “orange traitors” should resign from there positions now!

We wish our comrades at the Ukrainian Anti-Fascist Committee success in their noble struggle in Ukraine to stop fascism!

Soviet Red Flags Appear More and More at the Growing Demonstrations, Strikes, Marches and Protests



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