On the Anniversary of the Founding of the American Party of Labor


Dec. 8, 2013

Today is the fifth anniversary of the founding of the American Party of Labor (APL). On December 8th, 2008, the Party came into existence with the conclusion of our Founding Congress. Delegates from the pre-party committee came together from all over the United States to attend this Congress.

During this session, the delegates present established the Party’s Program and Platform in their first incarnations, as well as laid out the democratic-centralist structure and non-revisionist political line of the organization. The Party flag, a red banner with a golden grain and gear emblem on it, was chosen as the symbol and sign of the Party.

The stated goal of the First Congress was to create a Marxist-Leninist party in the United States free from all revisionist trends, which would struggle for the cause of socialism and help to build a revolutionary movement composed of workers of all ages; of all races, ethnicities, and nationalities; of all gender identities and identifications; and of all sexual orientations.

In addition, the Congress passed resolutions concerning the struggle against imperialism, particularly U.S. imperialism, from within the “belly of the beast,” cementing the Party’s anti-imperialist stance. The Congress noted that all revolutionaries must oppose imperialist wars and support wars of national liberation globally.

The Congress also recognized the danger of revisionism to the anti-imperialist and Marxist-Leninist movement internationally, and that we should attend to the political education of our members, so that any future revisionism may be eliminated before it sabotages socialism once again.

And finally, the delegates noted that the current world situation reflects the continuation of decaying global capitalism and imperialism, and must be used by the working people to advance the cause of socialist revolution.

The realization of a socialist revolution in the United States led by the working class and its vanguard party, with the objective of building socialism and eventually full communism was, and remains to this day, the highest ideal and ultimate goal of the APL. So long as our comrades in the struggle uphold the basic tenets of the revolutionary science of Marxism-Leninism and link theory with practice, the socialist cause of the peoples of the U.S. will achieve victory.

Onwards to socialism!
All power to working people!

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