Transgender Woman Murdered in South Side Richmond



Amari S Hill, a Baltimore native now residing in Richmond, was found shot dead in a Richmond’s South Side alley way last Sunday.

Unconfirmed reports have stated that Hill was found shot multiple times, including a shot to the groin area.

An unidentified member of the local sexual-minority health community confirmed Hill had started transitioning about 2 months ago and was still early to the process. Hill had not begun hormone treatments, but friends say she had begun the process. 

“His(sic) birthday was yesterday, he(sic) was only 22 when he(sic) died… he(sic) would have been 23,” said Hill’s friend Danielle Davis.

Hill’s sexual identity was an issue with her family, according to Davis who knew Hill to dress as a women quite a bit, but when with family she would “tone it done.”

Davis said when she heard of Hill’s murder she knew it was a crime against her gender identity, but details were thin. On Wesdnesday, however, Davis was told by one of Hill’s family members she had been shot in the groin.

“When they found him, he was Amari (in women’s clothes),” said Davis. ”This could have been anybody’s baby, and I just can’t let it go.”

Richmond Police have yet to respond to questions about the case – and email sent to a member of the trans community from LGBT Liaison Odetta Johnson said “the detectives are in the early stages of the investigation” but no other details were given.

Early media reports of this murder used Amari’s male name, Rodney White, and male pronouns, but no additional details were provided.


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