Mozambique: 1992 Peace Pact Collapses


The Renamo opposition movement said Monday that it was abandoning its 1992 peace accord with the governing Frelimo party, raising fears of a renewal of the old conflict. Renamo, which entered politics through the peace pact, ending the 1975-92 war, said it had made the decision because government forces seized a jungle base where its leader, Afonso Dhlakama, was staying, forcing him to flee into the mountains. “Peace is over in the country,” said a Renamo spokesman, Fernando Mazanga. “The responsibility lies with the Frelimo government because they didn’t want to listen to Renamo’s grievances.” Mr. Mazanga did not say whether the opposition movement would take up arms again on a national level. There was no immediate reaction from the government of President Armando Guebuza. Renamo has lost every election to Frelimo since the peace deal, and has challenged the voting as fraudulent. It accuses Frelimo of monopolizing political and economic power through a one-sided electoral system and harassment of its opponents.


Categories: History, International, Mozambique, Revolutionary History, Statements, World History

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