Neo-Nazis Take Over North Dakota Town in the U.S. – Native Americans and Activists Protest


A group of Neo-Nazis have set their sights on a North Dakota Town in the U.S. Native Americans and other activists have formed a protest to speak out against this organized act of terrorizing non-white communities, and Indigenous peoples of the Dakotas in particular.

Native American activists and UnityND have released a statement “Caravan leaves at 1:30 pm central to Leith, ND.” The rally at 3 pm Sunday, September 22nd is “to prevent white supremacists from terrorizing” North Dakota. The statement issues by the group says the rally is “because our children deserve a life without bigots.”

The Neo-Nazis targeted the community of Leith because it is a mostly “white” county. But the hate group has plans to disintegrate the Leith “into an all-white enclave.”

Neo-Nazi Jeff Schoep said that this is not just about moving somewhere, but taking over all local offices to form an overtly white supremacist government. ”We have every intention of legally assuming control of the local government.”

The Southern Poverty Law Center, said that the group in question, the U.S. National Socialist Movement, is the biggest Neo-Nazi group in the United States.

The leader of the hate-group, Craig Cobb said in an interview with WXMB-TV in Bismarck, ”It’s fine for all these other minorities, but not us.” He said the town was a type of “little Europe,” not noting that there are many non-Caucasians in Europe and have been since Antiquity. He also did not explain why they did not simply migrate to Europe instead of colonized Native American land.

Protestors explained that they would be in Leith to raise their voices, ”We are planning a true grassroots peaceful protest to demonstrate that we are united in a stance against hatred, violence and prejudice,” UnityND said, “Join us as we take to main street rural America to fight against racism.”

Tax and property records show that this is a bigger move than one group. Other leading white supremacists have invested in the town. Such heavyweights of hate include Tom Metzger, the leader of the White Aryan Resistance, and Alex Linder, from the Vanguard News Network, online Nazi forums.

(Article by Ari Simeon)


Categories: Colonialism, Racism, Reactionary Watch, U.S. News, Workers Struggle

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