Israel appropriates 82% of Palestinian water


A Palestinian water expert has criticised the 1993 Oslo Peace Agreement signed between the Palestinians and the Israelis for giving Israel the right to control Palestinian water.

The Director of the Association of Palestinian Hydrologists, Abur-Rahman Al-Tamimi, said: “The Oslo Agreements gave control over basic water resources to the Israelis. The role of the Palestinian side was limited to serving it.”

During a discussion panel in Ramallah, Al-Tamimi said: “The problem emerged when the Palestinians agreed to postpone the issue of water to final status negotiations. They did not even discuss the issue of irrigation water.” He said the Israelis steal about 82 per cent of Palestinian water.

Al-Tamimi severely criticised the “Palestinian negotiators who ignored the rights of the Palestinians regarding water.”

At the same time, he said: “The agreements laid down the right of the Israelis to the water of the River Jordan. It also laid down their rights to veto against any future talks regarding it.”

The Palestinian expert also added: “The agreements included the rights of the Israeli to control all Palestinian water wells.”

Regarding the future of Palestinian water, Al-Tamimi said: “As the Israelis completely control Palestinian water resources, future conflict in the region will be over water resources.”


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