“Free Syrian Army” Threatens Red Crescent

Sources of the Syrian Red Crescent told “al-Intiqad” website it had received a threat from the so-called “Free Syrian Army”, forbidding their vehicles from hospitalizing Syrian army soldiers.

The source confirmed that those who threatened the Red Crescent were the same people who assaulted them and stole two of their vehicles in Damascus.

Also, the source stated that the regime and the so-called opposition must treat the organization and its medical staff well and not damage or hijack its vehicles.
Moreover, the source further indicated that the Red Crescent is an impartial humanitarian organization that has nothing to do with the ongoing conflict. Its role is to aid and hospitalize those wounded or dead in clashes irrelevant of their political views or stances.

Syrian warplanes bombed insurgent vehicles in Ras al-Ain region, causing tens of deaths in the Turkish-Syrian borders.

On another note, many rebels were killed in severe clashes with the regime’s Army in al-Sayyeda Zeinab (AS) area in Damascus. During the encounter, the security forces exposed an ammunition and artillery warehouse containing mortar missiles, light weaponry, and grenades.

Moreover, a security source revealed that an army unit confiscated a large amount of weaponry and ammunition in Akraba near al-Sayyeda Zeinab after pursuing armed terrorist groups.

In addition, in Homs, al-Intiqad learnt that clashes broke out today in Homs’ old neighborhoods resulting in several killings. Additionally, a man and woman were killed from a sniper in al-Zahera, Homs.


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