“Top 10 Ways to Get Away With Rape” list found in Ohio college dorm

Excerpt of “Top Ten Ways to Get Away with Rape” list reportedly found in a co-ed dorm bathroom at Miami University of Ohio.

By Crimesider Staff

(CBS) HAMILTON, Ohio- Miami University is under fire for a list that was discovered posted in bathroom of a freshman co-ed dorm titled, “The Top 10 Ways to Get Away With Rape,” the Cincinnati Enquirer reports.

This list includes a variety of illegal suggestions on how to get away with rape such as using roofies, preying on females walking alone, climbing into windows and slitting the victim’s throat if the rapist is identified, reported the Cincinnati Enquirer who published the list.

Tip 10 reads, “RAPE RAPE RAPE, its (sic) college boys live it up!!” The flier was found by a resident assistant at McBride Hall over the weekend and reported it to the university’s Wellness Office on Monday.

Discovery of the flier has prompted officials at Miami U. to launch a police investigation that may result in internal disciplinary action for the student responsible for posting the flyer. Police presence at the dorm has also increased.

But students such as Kate Van Fossen, the vice president of Women Against Violence and Sexual Assault (WAVE), are criticizing Miami’s response, saying that the university has not taken enough action at a place where at least 27 sexual assaults have been reported since 2009.

“If I wasn’t involved with WAVE I wouldn’t have known about this incident,” Van Fossen said Friday. “The university is brushing this issue … under the rug.”

Van Fossen pointed out that the university’s sexual assault prevention coordinator position has been vacant for a year. A representative from the school said that the university went through three rounds of recruiting to find a candidate but that the person who accepted the job a month ago bowed out for another position.


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