Videos From the Occupy Wallstreet Protest: 80 Protesters Arrested

About 80 people were arrested today in lower Manhattan as they participated in the “Occupy Wall Street” demonstration, which has now lasted about a week, the Associated Press reports.

Police say most arrests were for blocking traffic, though one person was charged with assaulting an officer, the AP says. A protest spokesman called the police response “exceedingly violent.”

This video appears to show a man who identifies himself as Adam Dirks being arrested, with blood on his face.

Postings on Occupy Wall Street’s Web site address a variety of issues that they’re protesting, including big banks and their approach to mortgages , Sotheby’s and the execution of Troy Davis.

This video shows a group of people marching down Church Street in lower Manhattan chanting, with police officers walking alongside and appearing to try to keep them on one side of the street.

In this video, a crowd shouts “The whole world’s watching” while a man is taken away by police officers.

This site has live video of the demonstrators in New York.


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